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Akashic Record Readings



Kome Q = a Japanese word that translates, roughly to, 
   "Rice Abundant" 

We are all souls capable of creating abundance for ourselves...

Do you want to . . .. 
- Understand yourself better?
. Uncover the hidden meaning behind the events/issues in your life?
. Understand why you experience repeating patterns?
. Better understand your relationships or improve your relationships?
. Understand the growth opportunity underlying certain events in your life?
. Learn to fully step into your role as the Co-Creator of your life?

    Sign up for a 40 min. reading and discover how abundant your soul really is...

150.00 CAD


According to WHO-Europe:

European studies show that media framing of obesity places great emphasis on individual responsibility and may contribute to a culture of weight bias and stigma.

- Research shows that a very large percentage of discussions about obesity on social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, are of a fat shaming nature.

So you want to set a goal for becoming healthier, maybe lose a little weight?

-Let’s say that you have achieved your goal, (without eating a skinny person!), now what?

Do you have a system in place to support you after you have reached your goal?

  • A way to prevent yo-yoing of your weight?
  • A way to prevent you gaining it all back?
  • A way to sustain a healthy lifestyle?

Our Hypnonutrition program combines the power of hypnosis with nutritional support, so that:

- you can achieve the goal of your ideal weight

  • maintain that healthy lifestyle
  • prevent mindless eating
  • establish a pattern of eating at the right time and the right foods
  • learn to work with your body and its needs
  • the program is tailored to your needs

This is NOT a DIE(T)ING program!  It is an I LOVE MY LIFE PROGRAM!

Think of it as 'eating = nutrition for my body, so that it may sustain me in a positive, healthy way for a long time to come, giving me lots of ENERGY, VITALITY & HEALTH TO LIVE THE LIFE I LOVE'...


Hypnosis + Nutrition -6 appointments of 90 min. each /  3 months

1500.00 CAD


An awakened mind is a powerful mind. It can achieve wonders

If you want to achieve impossible things, if you are looking for a way in which you can change your life and your perspective of life, then you should try hypnosis.

Studies show that hypnosis can treat everything from chronic pain to poor study habits. Chances are it can work for you.– D. Barrett –Psychology Today 2016

Hypnosis can have some profound effects on your mind and body. From curing phobias, to boosting productivity, to losing weight, the list of benefits is endless. If you've never experienced hypnosis before, you may be skeptical. Rest assured, hypnosis is a safe practice that has been around for thousands of years – it’s part of our natural make-up and we do it all the time.


Hypnosis -3 appointments of 90 min. each / 4 weeks

750.00 CAD

Soothe Your Soul Meditation


Life is a journey that certainly does not come with a pre-defined road map

- Explore and discover your Inner World

- Learn how to connect with your Wise/Higher Self

- Learn how to quiet your mind and find peace in your heart and soul

- Discover who you truly are, when you are not a daughter, sister, wife, mother ....

This one hour meditation will include:

  10 min. group discussion at the beginning

   30 min. meditation

   20 min. at the end to for discussions and discovery

This  event will take place via zoom, on the last Thursday of each month.

Please note that there will be no meditation for August & September...

We begin again the last Thursday in October...




0.00 CAD