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Product Hypnonutrition

According to WHO-Europe:

European studies show that media framing of obesity places great emphasis on individual responsibility and may contribute to a culture of weight bias and stigma.

- Research shows that a very large percentage of discussions about obesity on social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, are of a fat shaming nature.

So you want to set a goal for becoming healthier, maybe lose a little weight?

-Let’s say that you have achieved your goal, (without eating a skinny person!), now what?

Do you have a system in place to support you after you have reached your goal?

  • A way to prevent yo-yoing of your weight?
  • A way to prevent you gaining it all back?
  • A way to sustain a healthy lifestyle?

Our Hypnonutrition program combines the power of hypnosis with nutritional support, so that:

- you can achieve the goal of your ideal weight

  • maintain that healthy lifestyle
  • prevent mindless eating
  • establish a pattern of eating at the right time and the right foods
  • learn to work with your body and its needs
  • the program is tailored to your needs

This is NOT a DIE(T)ING program!  It is an I LOVE MY LIFE PROGRAM!

Think of it as 'eating = nutrition for my body, so that it may sustain me in a positive, healthy way for a long time to come, giving me lots of ENERGY, VITALITY & HEALTH TO LIVE THE LIFE I LOVE'...


Hypnosis + Nutrition -6 appointments of 90 min. each /  3 months

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