Welcome to 2 B Hypnosis where your current situation is not your final destination. Sainoor is a Master Hypnotist, Reiki Master and Certified Nutrition Consultant, providing services in Toronto, Ontario and the surrounding areas.

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No matter what state your life is in, our CHANGE HOW YOU WORK WITH YOUR FEAR SO YOU CAN LEAD A FULLER AND LIGHTER LIFE.  shows you how  you can live your life with hope and lightness. 

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On the fifth and last session of the course, I had a truly profound experience during the hypnosis. I'm still uncertain what it was that 'left me' and I'm not wanting to know just yet. However, I believe it was a significant turning point in my life and am still discovering at exactly what level. The depth of the effect of the hypnosis was a surprise to me. I was very skeptical to start with and after 3 sessions of feeling like I'd just had a little nap, I was still not convinced. Sainoor's constant assurance that hypnosis works at a subconscious level proved to be absolutely correct!

MQ - Tokyo

I have known Sainoor for many years and done many sessions with her. Sainoor is a healer with a kind and gentle spirit and I fully trust that her intentions are to help me in whatever way she can. I feel so relaxed listening to her soothing voice. Through working with her, I have been able to bring many subconscious issue to light and only then can I deal with them and start healing. Thank you Sainoor for sharing your gift with me.

Elaine M. - Kitchener

Sainoor was able to guide me through my hypnosis journey very well, empowering me with tools I could use and asking great questions at the right time ... I don't really crave sweet foods anymore...I think our session helped me with exactly what I needed.

Tiffany – Seattle

This was a life changing session. I feel a sense of calm I have never had before. Thank you for helping me to release the demon of fear. Felt lighter right after the session.


Thank you so much for the insightful reading. You have validated my feelings and helped me realise the true meaning of what I felt.


Thank you for your wisdom and energy. Truly a magical experience. Thank you for helping me recognize my gifts and life message.