Akashic Record Reading

Kome Q = a Japanese word that translates, roughly to, 
                               "Rice Abundant" 

We are all souls capable of creating abundance for ourselves...

Do you want to . . .. 
- Understand yourself better?
. Uncover the hidden meaning behind the events/issues in your life?
. Understand why you experience repeating patterns?
. Better understand your relationships or improve your relationships?
. Understand the growth opportunity underlying certain events in your life?
. Learn to fully step into your role as the Co-Creator of your life?

Unlock the hidden abundance within your soul

Through a 40-minute personalized reading, you'll uncover the deeper meaning behind the events and patterns in your life, gain clarity on your relationships, and learn to embrace your role as the co-creator of your destiny. Thousands have already discovered the power to understand themselves better, identify growth opportunities, cultivate the abundance that exists within to unleash the boundless abundance your soul possesses. Uncover the deeper meaning behind the events and patterns in your life. Gain profound insights to improve your relationships and step into your full potential as a co-creator

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Words of Appreciation            

  • it helped me clear a blockage I was having with my parents...
  • It helped me work out why things were not moving as they should...
  • I realized the toxicity of my current relationship and how to move forward
  • I now understand why my daughter was behaving the way she was and how to support her
  • I understand how to Chart a path that would take me to success in my career
  • Choose a career path I would not have thought about on my own and one that feels right
  • I feel a sense of calm I have never felt before! Thank you for helping me to release the demon of fear
  • I always come away with deep insight after working with Sainoor. Her gentle yet powerful approach is very accessible and relatabl






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