When Just Being There is not Enough


This picture was taken while I was in Beijing.  I remember standing under this building, looking up and just being awed by it.  It made me think of some the students I was teaching in the Montessori School and how their parents travelled.  It seemed that some parents travelled to different places, just so they could say that they had been there.  When I asked if they had visited any different areas in the city, especially for their kids, I received a funny look.  No, they went to the main city, did some tourist things and that was it.  For example, if they went to Tokyo, they did Disney World, however, not much else.  This led me to wonder, how many of us tend to become spectators, rather than actually participating actively in our lives?


To live is the rarest thing in the world.  Most people just exist. – Oscar Wilde


Don’t just exist 

The one thing that puts human beings at the top of the food chain is the power of consciousness. This power helps us to judge, distinguish between good and bad, and gives us a sense of justice or fairness. Without an elevated consciousness, we are just as good as the other species of the animal kingdom, whose purpose for existence is simple – breathe, eat, excrete and reproduce.

As humans, if we also tend to just exist by carrying out only our physiological processes, then our life is as good as the monkeys swinging from one tree to the other or like the koalas which sleep almost eighteen hours a day.

Being born with consciousness, if we still lead an unconscious life and just sit and watch life go by, life will only happen to us. It will be dull, drab, and eventually become meaningless. Instead, we should take advantage of our lives.

If at old age, our life summary consists of only ‘might have’, ‘could have’ and ‘should have’, then what we led all these years will be a life without any cause. And a life without a cause is a life that has no effect.

Become Master of your Destiny

Instead, if we quit holding on to the handrails and take the ride of our life, we will have a sense of purpose, a sense of meaning, and ultimately a sense of fulfillment.

The moment we become active participants in life, rather than being passive viewers, life will open itself to us. We will start seeing the good in others. If something is not right, we become proactive to establish justice. Most importantly, when we struggle or go through a rough patch, we won’t leave everything to destiny and instead, we will take an active part in creating a suitable destination for us.

When we take part in something, we get involved; so why should life be any different? If we just sit and lead our lives the way it is or how somebody else has planned it for us, sooner, rather than later, we are bound to realize that the outsider hasn’t got any grand plans for us specifically. We just happen to be in the grand scheme of things – just as dust particles are present in the air.

Once we start participating in life, we can make our plans.  Although nobody ever plans for anything bad for themselves, whatever happens, is still within our control. We can become the master of our own actions and the decisions that we take today will bear the sweet fruits of tomorrow.

Live life to the fullest

If success is handed to us as a dish, we will never be able to realize the real worth of it as in how much it costs to put the dish together. Once we actively strive for achieving what we want from our lives, every drop of sweat and every yard of toil will make our success that much more worthy or gratifying. This is the beauty of taking part in life – spotless satisfaction.

Each small step that we take towards becoming an active player in our own lives, comes with pride, with dignity, with self-respect, and last, but not least, with utmost self-love. We start to value even the smallest of the small things and as a result, we make ourselves worthy enough to draw happiness from the most insignificant things.

This is because we start to value life, rather than looking at it as an outsider and superficially enjoying the dish called life; which by the way, someone else has prepared for us without any of our participation.

Instead of being in the gallery, if we step onto the field of life and start playing at it, the numbers of opportunities that will emerge are countless. What seemed quite limited before, by sheer participation, will then, feel limitless. The simple reason for this - we ourselves will be holding all the cards and therefore, we will decide which one to play first and which one to reveal later. We can understand what is beneficial for us and then make the call accordingly.

If we take the backseat and watch the game being played as a mere spectator, whether we lose or win, it won’t matter in the slightest. We will be forgotten, because, we never became ourselves and never gave anyone a reason to remember us.

We should all remember a simple thing that nothing ever stands still for us. If we just breathe, eat and relax, our life will be like that of a stone lying on the riverside. While in front of us the river flows continuously and with it life keeps moving. It is for us to decide whether we want to exist like a lifeless stone or live like a flowing river.

So, just being there is like living the life of a non-living being while participating in life is like being boundless in the living universe.

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