This picture was taken on the highway in Portugal.   It got me thinking about times we find ourselves navigating  'slippery slopes' in life, like trust, while dealing with various relationships.

 Unveiling the Essence of Trust: The Spiritual Currency in a Materialistic World

Our aspirations, vulnerabilities, passions, dreams, and desires drive the materialistic world in which we live. Now, if we examine each of these facets of our life, we will discover that the foundation of the tangible world is made up of concepts that are immaterial and cannot be touched, measured, or seen.

Since these aspects of our existence lack the structural dimensions of the outside physical world, they can only be sensed and realized. Once more, capital and power—the two currencies that govern the world—are heavily transactional and value-based. For instance, one can acquire a certain level of power through capital.

But are we aware of the most precious and non-transactional emotion that people possess and deploy to weave their miracles around the capitalistic power centres of the world?

It’s not love or happiness that we are talking about. It is ‘trust’ that we ignore the most yet invest the most, whether it’s in our professional lives or personal relationships.  

With trust comes love; with trust comes happiness; with trust comes meaning. And with trust comes fulfillment! The best part about ‘trust’ is that it is unconditional and cannot be bargained for or conspired for.

For example, you cannot love somebody or at least honestly, genuinely, and truly, if you want something in return. You cannot be happy within yourself if you struggle eternally with others’ happiness or success that does not align with your way of life.

However, on the flip side, you can always love somebody, even knowing the fact that you might not be loved in return. You can easily invest in someone else’s happiness, knowing very well that, in the end, it might give you heartache.

You do this because you act unconditionally! You lay your guard down in terms of materialistic profit and loss. Instead, you bestow a certain degree of faith or trust in human beings and in your instincts, emotions, and feelings.

And in the spiritual lexicon, this is the most holy thing to do.


The Transformative Journey of Trust: Embracing Vulnerability for Fulfillment

Imagine you want to be happy, and you are asking a motivational speaker to provide you with the rules of happiness. You want love and, you ask a life coach how you can become a champion in the game of love. You want success, but instead of trying on your own, you want a proven blueprint from other successful people whose values, goals, and fundamentals of life are completely different from yours.

As hilarious and unbelievable as it sounds, today, most people resort to these serious life-changing sessions, completely overlooking the power of innocent trust that lies deep within them.

The power to trust their potential, the power to trust their capacity for hard work, and the power to be successful on their terms, overcoming their struggles.

If we end up ignoring the most formidable force in our humane repertoire, we start sliding down the slippery slope of mistrust. We start harbouring suspicious thoughts for everybody, which starts with self-doubt.

As a result, we build a life where love often feels empty, success stands meaningless, and harmony comes draped in chaos.

On the other hand, if we trust people, just like the way we trust our mothers cooking our favourite meal (we believe she will never entertain the thought of spiking the food with a few drops of poison) or the pilot flying us across continents (we believe he is not going through some psychosis that will convince him to bring down the plane) life becomes easy without the complicated thoughts, also at the same time, it becomes fulfilled with trustworthy people in them.

We are very much conscious of the fact that we cannot just trust anybody. This thought has become so overpowering in our lives that, we end up breaking professional ties or personal relationships simply on the doubt of ‘mistrust.’

This happens because, as human beings, although we possess this immense power of trust, we are highly untrustworthy when it comes to situations of personal gains and benefits. As we are no saints, we need not say it out loud, but should introspect resoundingly in addressing all those past events where we lied a bit, faked our empathy a bit, twisted the fact a bit, and manipulated others a bit to be at a favourable position in our lives.

We all have done that whether we own up or not.

This makes ‘ trust the single most essential component of human civilization, and at the same time, the most fragile element of human relationships.

The most successful business collaborations in this world are built on trust. Similarly, the happiest of happy marriages can break in a jiffy based on the slightest of mistrust. It is the most delicate underlying emotion that acts as a silver lining in any connection we make. Simultaneously, this delicate bond acts as the most resilient thread in the fabric of our human lives and relationships.

Just like love, you need to put in the effort to trust people and make people trust you. Now, here is when the slippery slope of trust can get steeper and steeper. 

For instance, you did put in the effort to trust other people whom you thought were valuable to you in the past. But in due course of life, you found out how all those people flipped on you right after you turned your back. It happens all the time and with everybody.

This ordeal of life stays with you for a long time, just like a betrayal in love, and instead of trusting people, you start looking at people (even the closest and dearest family members) through the shady goggles of suspicion.

This vicious cycle continues, and with each misstep on this slope, you start spiralling down to the bottom, where you find yourself alone without emotions, crippled without a compatible companion, and singled out from the symphony of life.

That’s not a place to thrive where you simply cannot trust people! Without trust, forget about relationships; there will be nobody with whom you can share a silly joke, an innocent smile, or your carefree thoughts.

If trust is the cause, satisfaction is the effect. And Hypnosis can help you unravel the nuances of trust and guide you to this unsullied satisfaction by holding your hand on the lively treadmill of trust.

There will be bumps on the way and pitfalls on the journey but that doesn't mean you will leave your fitness goals and abandon the treadmill completely.

Hypnosis will help you dissect the intricacies of trust and tell you how you can harness the power and be happy in your life. And nobody ever gets happiness in the company of untrustworthy people, right?

Hypnosis will not forcefully teach you how to trust people. It will simply empower you by telling you that the only way to teach the concept of trust to a kid is by trusting that little child. The only way you will teach somebody respect is by first respecting their values in life. The only way to teach love to somebody is first to make the individual feel loved and adored.

Without a doubt, it’s a two-way street but the journey needs to be started with your and only your first step.


Empowering Trust Through Hypnosis: Navigating Life's Challenges with Confidence

In a world where uncertainty often looms, trust emerges as a foundational pillar upon which we build our relationships, pursue our goals, and navigate the complexities of life. Yet, for many, trust can be elusive, overshadowed by past experiences of betrayal or disappointment. This is where the transformative power of hypnosis comes into play, offering a pathway to re frame our perceptions and cultivate trust from within.

Hypnosis refrains from delving into past traumas or eliciting discomfort by revisiting moments of betrayal or heartache. Instead, it guides you in navigating similar circumstances with resilience, ensuring you maintain control regardless of the outcome.

Through hypnosis, past sorrows transform into opportunities for positive outcomes. If previously burdened by emotional turmoil and trust issues, hypnosis empowers you to cultivate meaningful relationships rooted in trust and security.

Throughout this process, you retain autonomy over your emotions, fostering a sense of empowerment and stability. Investing in trust and cultivating awareness in your relationships will pave the way for a life abundant in joy, happiness, love, and respect.

Ultimately, empowering trust through hypnosis is about embracing vulnerability, confronting fears, and reclaiming control over one's life. By harnessing the innate power of the subconscious mind, individuals can transcend past limitations and step into a future filled with confidence, resilience, and authentic connections. As we embark on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment, let us embrace the transformative potential of hypnosis in navigating life's challenges with unwavering trust and confidence.



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