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We all want to be successful in what we do.

In today’s fast-paced competitive world, we all want to be successful in what we do. We all want to be that perfect person who is smart, intelligent, decisive, and highly appreciated, as well as accepted, in society.

This is the ‘mantra’ of the world we live in and to be deemed as ‘successful’ by society, we need to imbibe this ‘mantra’. We need to behave in a certain way, talk in a certain manner, and act with authority to establish ourselves in society. In fact, we also need to think in a specified pattern.

And this is something that is going around all over the world and is almost getting etched into the minds of millions that we need to think positive, think in terms of success, or take our mindset to the pedestal of certain standards that makes ‘materialistic success’ follow us instead of us chasing it.

Whether one is a life coach, a guru, a spiritual leader, or a psychic, everybody wants to plant the seed of positivity in everyone’s head.

Not everyone fits into the same thought process or constructs of success.

Well, positivity is never a bad thing and it’s an important mindset or thought pattern which we should all understand and live by in life; however, that does not imply that all of us need to be spoon-fed the same thought pattern, yet be told by the same life coaches and gurus, how different and unique each one of us is.

Strange as this sounds, all of us are told the same constructs of success and no matter what industry or field we are in, and, we follow whatever we are told. Unsurprisingly, we find ourselves struggling at the end of the day to fit in a fabric that was designed and intended for somebody else.

This is because, when others teach life lessons to us, they assume we are empty from within, incapable of guiding our own thoughts, and therefore, we are struggling to figure things out in our life. What they forget is, the simple thing, that each one of us is filled with our own aspirations, our own challenges, our distinct potential, and our unique thought processes.

All these things, not just shape our personalities, but also, shape our life choices and paths. This is the reason why the same thought process does not fit all.

When we neglect ourselves, ignore our own thoughts, and reject our gut feelings, simply to follow what we have been told, we compromise the freedom that we are born with and limit ourselves to just another individual who plays to the tunes of society.

Over time, this takes a toll on us, as we keep on tweaking our personality, molding ourselves, and changing our life paths, because we are told to do something that is accepted widely.

It is like all of us are given a plate at a buffet, however, when we approach the counters and start filling our own plates, the waiters tell us what we could eat. Not just that, they also tell us the reasons why we should eat their recommended food and how millions have been leading a healthy life following their recommendations.

So, what was the point in the first place giving us our own plate in a buffet? Why do we need to give up our choices to be healthy in mind and body? What is the cost of this sacrifice when our own inclinations are guided by others’ recommendations?

What the life coaches and gurus fail to realize, is that even if all of us are served and asked to eat the same food, each one of us will have different portions of food and a different pace of eating!

How do you define your own success and become comfortable in your life choices?

Therefore, ultimately, the recipe of success boils down to individuality no matter how similar the ingredients are!

Instead of falling in line and following others’ words, we need to think about a simple thing which is, “How Do I Define My Success?” – even out of context, this thought has a rhyme of confidence in it. When each one of us is driven by different passions and determination, then how can one’s success be an exact replica of another’s?

When we constantly follow others' words and take them as the gospel of life, more than living our own lives, we start living for validation; then success becomes a struggle on its own. However, when we put importance on our own thoughts, our own gut feeling, our own talents, strength, potential, and self-guidance we become credible to ourselves. With credibility comes comfort!

We become comfortable in our life choices, and we start functioning at our optimum level. We start walking in our own shoes and make our individual and unique journeys better, rather than heading to someone else’s destination.

How can hypnosis help you find your own voice and power within?

Hypnosis is a tool that can ignite this powerful ‘you’ in yourself. This element of ‘you’ does not require any false colour, window dressing, or textbook words of motivation. This ‘you’ only needs the tools that are exclusively made for you and best suitable to you in the most rewarding of ways.

Hypnosis restores the credibility in us that is eroded by listening to others’ advice and suggestions in life. 

Generally, we open ourselves to the ‘words of wisdom’ when we are vulnerable or weak. Or when we think we need to sort our lives for we are failing or not becoming as successful as our friend or colleague. Then comes the barrage of motivation and self-help tips.

But what Hypnosis does, is, it opens a window to the world that sits deep within you – it’s your own world! Imagine a tool with which you can fix your insecurity, eliminate your anxiety, empower your potential, and live up to your strengths and talents – hypnosis gives you that tool.

Most of us struggle to unlock this world within us throughout our entire lives and thus, we form a vague sense of our personality. We start thinking that ‘what has worked for my friends will work for me as well".

On the other hand, Hypnosis is all about transparency, openness, and honesty. There is no ‘herd-solution’ in this for each of our worlds and personal space is uniquely different from the person whom we even love the most.

Hypnosis will give you the safety net to express yourself, rather than forcing you to eliminate all your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It does not tell you what you need to add to your personality or subtract from your character. It only gives you the tools to multiply your happiness by dividing your worries.

If we are not like someone, why struggle to become perfect like that someone, right?


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