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This picture was taken at a museum in Yinchuan, China.  It is a picture of one of the many guardians in Chinese history…it always reminds me of how unhappy people look when their bodies do not look like what they feel it should!



Appearance and Weight

Today, our society does not just exist in the real world, but also in a similar parallel society, which apparently looks more glamorous, exists in the virtual world of social media platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

To stay relevant in the parallel world of social media, the most important thing that needs to be taken care of is our ‘looks’. If we look good and stay stylish, our number of followers and admirers increases which gives us the social stamp of virtual acceptance.

So, under the heavy influence of our ‘well-dressed’ and ‘well-maintained’ social presence, it is natural for us to think that the same ‘look obsessed’ society rules apply to our every lives This greatly affects how we look at our body images and the issue of weight, which initially begins as an appearance issue.

However, more than our outward appearance, being overweight is a serious medical concern that can give rise to some equally serious health problems. From heart disease to diabetes, being overweight can put us on the fast track to a wide range of health problems.

Recent studies have shown that in America, as much as 70% of the population aged 20 and older are overweight. Out of the 70 %, nearly a third of the people have been found to be obese, which is more dangerous than being just overweight.

Studies have also shown that the health implications of being overweight stretch well beyond the ones that are generally known to us, like diabetes and heart diseases. If one is overweight, it can affect joints, sleep cycle, breathing, energy levels, as well as, his/her moods.

How weight affects our health

Therefore, more than an issue of ‘looks’, if you are overweight, it can affect the quality of your life in its entirety.

When we consume more calories than we can possibly burn through our daily activities, our bodies store the extra calories as body fat. However, it is important to note that a couple of extra pounds in our body is not considered to be a risk factor for our health but, if we continue to stick to the pattern of consuming more calories than we could burn, more and more fat will soon start to accumulate in our bodies and before we realize, we will be developing serious weight-related health problems.

When one-third of kids in America who are aged between 2 and 19 are diagnosed as being either overweight or obese, experts have rightly coined a term called ‘obesity pandemic’. Younger people are now developing health problems like high blood sugar, high cholesterol, Type-2 diabetes, which earlier only used to affect the adult population.

Now, from a young age, if we continue to eat the same kind of calorie-heavy food, maintain the same consumption pattern and do not burn the calories in amounts that are required, we do not need to wait till we grow older to come under serious health hazards.

As we grow old, our metabolisms slow and our body compositions (fat to muscle ratio) change.. With age, an average individual becomes less and less physically active but if the individual still continues to consume more and more calories without burning them, calories turn to fat at an exponential rate which then gets stored in the body, turning the individual utterly unhealthy and prone to all kinds of health problems.

However, this condition simply does not imply that as we grow old, we will eat less food. If we eat less than what is required by our body, how will we be able to get the necessary nutrients?

So, going on a stringent diet or cutting our calorie consumption drastically is not the ultimate solution. Most of us do not like to stay away from our favourite foods, and therefore, more often than not, after a week or two, our dietary plans go straight into the drains. As a result, we cease to follow any dietary routine or consultation and continue our eating patterns.

Weight Management Techniques

Thus, the solution lies, in proper weight management techniques.  

In order to stay healthy and free of any weight-related health problems, you need not stop eating! This deprives your body of the necessary nutrition and you will be exposing your body to other kinds of ailments. What you need is to maintain a healthy weight using a proper nutrition system.

In order to do that:

  • you can choose foods that are high in nutrients and less on calories. 
  • You can consciously cut on the portion size of your meals. 
  • You can start taking your daily meals at a fixed time. 

This not only helps in burning calories at a faster rate, but also reduces the temptation of snacking on foods that are high in calories and sugar.

  • You can add a lot of vegetables and fruits to your diet and have them as ‘filling up’ snacks for they are high on fibre and nutrients but low on calories. 
  • You can start drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated and let your metabolism function at its optimum state. 
  • You can start planning your meals in advance so that your food habits come under the influence of healthy choices rather than your physical hunger. 
  • You can do moderate-to-intense aerobic activities for at least 150 minutes on a weekly basis.

No matter what you do, never ever skip your breakfast as that is the main source of nutrients for your body and therefore, the most important meal of your entire day.

Now, if you have already tried all these but haven’t been successful in your weight management attempts, you need to look at the problem of being overweight and obese from a positive and productive mindset.


Once you do that, there is no need for you to drastically cut on your calorie consumption or deprive yourself of foods that you actually love. With a productive mindset for weight management, you are in for long-term success.  

To support you on your journey, think of hypnosis – where the work is done on your mind, so that you get proper nutrition without your mind hating the process. 

How does hypnosis help you in maintaining a healthy weight?

‘Hypnonutrition’ is a process where hypnosis is combined with nutritional consultation necessary for your body to stay healthy, fit and in shape. It is a kind of revolution where your mind is combined with your body, so that benefit for the latter is attentively looked after by the former.

Firstly, hypnosis eliminates the guilt of being overweight and removes a harsh dietary plan from your mind. It gives your mind control over your eating patterns and habits and helps you in building a relationship with food that is healthy and beneficial.

Without any deprivation or putting your favourite foods on the forbidden list, hypnosis works to reprogram your mind in a way that you start making healthy choices in terms of food and you could, therefore, maintain a healthy weight without going through stress, guilt or extreme hunger.

Simply put, when your mind can be naturally influenced to give up on overeating or adjust to a healthy eating pattern, you don’t need anybody to tell you what’s good or bad for your body or what to consume, and what not to, to maintain a healthy weight.

Broadly speaking, we all know what foods are good for us and which ones to avoid, to stay healthy. However, having all the information, we still struggle to stick to healthy choices. So more than hunger, the problem lies in our emotions and in our mindset.

Through hypnosis, exactly those emotions are addressed, along with our internal struggles, dilemmas, hesitancies and resistances. Once all these negative emotions and shackles are removed from our minds, we, ourselves, will be fully aware of the things that we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Then, we do not need long dietary charts and routines.

In ‘Hypnonutrition’, hypnosis is combined with nutritional consultation so that you can be given a holistic approach to weight management in a completely natural way without imposing anything on you. When your mind gets to a relaxed state, in a safe environment, it is more susceptible to changes and positive suggestions. Your mind opens itself up to constructive and healthy advice. It can visualize itself in a body that is slim and trim, healthy and glowing. More than mere feelings, your mind visualizes all the aspects of positivity that are emitted from a healthy and well-maintained body.

When the subconscious level of your mind is explored through hypnosis, your negative and positive emotions, good and bad memories, fears, habits, food associations, self-esteem problems all get addressed. Therefore, all the core issues that are related to the problem of being overweight are taken care of at their sources in hypnosis, unlike all other weight loss programs which focus on the effect and the symptoms but blatantly ignore the actual cause –that lies in our minds and mindset.

When you close your eyes and imagine, as well as, visualize yourself eating only what is good for you and how positively it is impacting your social life and personal lifestyle, your mind becomes more and more open to change and growth. You are free of any worries or guilt of munching on your favourite foods. This is the goal of ‘Hypnonutrition’, where we focus on long-term growth and success through nutritional consultation and hypnosis.

When you, yourself, can visualize the positive sides of being in shape, you will naturally embrace the fabulous feeling of it both in your mind and in your body, without being told by anyone. This is the magic of ‘Hypnonutrition’. 


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