Quit Smoking with Hypnosis


Smoking and Health

Smoking a cigarette can cause cancer almost anywhere in our bodies and it has the deadly potential to affect and harm almost each and every organ of the body. No wonder, in today’s world, smoking is not just considered, but scientifically proven, as the leading yet preventable cause of death.

Giving up on smoking, is therefore, the best thing that you could do for your health; however, most people find the challenge extremely difficult. Moreover, research has shown that it may take as many as 30 attempts for a serious smoker to successfully quit the bad habit of smoking. If you are someone who wants to quit, but is not able to fight the hardship, you are definitely not alone.

Addictive Nature of Cigarettes

The reason smokers find it difficult to quit smoking lies in the chemical composition of nicotine and how that chemical reacts with the human brain.

When you first got hold of a cigarette and out of curiosity took in a puff, the nicotine present in the tobacco of the cigarette was released and reached the Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA) of your brain. The chances are that your body did not like the taste or felt sick.

This area of your brain is primarily responsible for controlling the functions that are associated with reward-related behaviour, motivation and addiction. This area of our brain stimulates pleasure as well as aversion, which explains the reason you might not have liked the overall taste of the cigarette in the first place, but still wanted to take another puff! Have you ever wondered why you would still want another puff?

Nicotine targets the receptors in this particular area of the brain, which then releases the ‘feel-good’ chemical or ‘dopamine’ and as a result, every time you smoke, you feel good. When you continue smoking, the chemical reactions continue to take place in the rewarding system of your brain, which then, repeats the same old pattern of the ‘feel good’ behaviour.

Sooner, rather than later, you will no longer be repulsed by the taste of a cigarette and your brain and body will begin to crave the chemical nicotine. As you develop the habit of smoking, your brain will get accustomed to this behaviour and therefore, it will no longer be concerned with the ‘feel good factor’ or the pleasurable feelings of smoking. Instead, it will put more focus on the ‘negative or bad’ feelings of not having the appropriate amount of nicotine in your body.

In simple terms, your body on its own, will push you to light a cigarette and in order to ward off that uncomfortable or uneasy feeling, you are guaranteed to light one. The more cigarettes you smoke, the more nicotine will be required by your body to feel ‘normal’. Any lack of it will make you feel highly uncomfortable and you will start craving a cigarette.

This is the vicious and addictive nature of nicotine and this is how it gets you hooked. 1.3 billion people worldwide are victims of this harmful and addictive chemical, nicotine.

What smoking causes

70% of all lung cancer cases are directly related to smoking and scientific research has also shown that it can even accelerate aging to a great degree. According to the estimates of the CDC, 1 in every 5 deaths in the United States of America is caused primarily by smoking. This means that if you combine deaths related to HIV, alcohol use, illegal drug use, firearm incidents and car accidents together, smoking-related deaths will still be higher.

The average life expectancy of a smoker is as much as 10 years less than that of a non-smoker and almost half of all the smokers die premature deaths because of this bad habit. This is astonishing and horrifying because deaths due to smoking are preventable.

The good news, however, comes from the fact that approximately 70% of current smokers worldwide want to get rid of this habit that pushes them closer to death, day-by-day. However, giving it up is not that easy and given the addictive nature of nicotine, it can sometimes turn out to be incredibly difficult.

Some suggestions to help you quit

There are many things that you could try to keep yourself away from a life-shortening drag. Some studies show that certain foods like meat make the taste of a cigarette more satisfying. Fizzy drinks, cola, soda, alcohol, coffee and tea could also make the cigarettes taste much better. You could make these small changes in your diet, that will help you take the first step towards quitting.

Foods like cheese, vegetables and fruits are found to make the taste of cigarettes utterly terrible. If you are someone who relishes a smoke after dinner, try to have one of these foods at the end of your meal, in order to keep your nicotine cravings at bay. When you are out at a party, instead of the wine glass, go for a glass of water or juice which will also help you in keeping your temptations down.

Changing your friend circle to a group of non-smokers can be a big task however, when you are out partying, try to stay with the group of non-smokers, as it will definitely keep your cravings in check. You can also hold the glass in the hand which usually holds the cigarette and when you have your craving at the highest, you could always have the drink with the help of a straw. In this way, your hand and mouth will remain busy and the oral fixation of having a cigarette will be taken care of.

From nicotine patches to chewing gums—you could try a million things. However, if you are highly determined to quit smoking at any cost, you should take the help of Hypnosis, which gives you a holistic approach to your determination of quitting.

Hypnosis to quit smoking

Hypnosis does not use a ‘trial and error method’. Hypnosis looks into the underlying motivation that you have for smoking and therefore, it addresses the psychological aspect of your addiction.

While other methods of quitting involve some kind of product replacement for nicotine, like patches, chewing gums and inhalers, Hypnosis gives you the power to control your mind by breaking the whole idea of addiction.

Instead of replacing the harmful chemical of nicotine with some other chemicals and products, Hypnosis directly addresses the negative thoughts and behavioural patterns that are associated with addiction, and changes those patterns with positive emotions and thoughts.

For example, if the system in the smoker is ‘smoking to relieve stress’, Hypnosis will target this unconscious motivation of relieving stress and address it naturally for the stress-related issues to get solved, without the individual needing a cigarette. If a smoker’s underlying cause of smoking is to get rid of loneliness or boredom, Hypnosis will work on these emotional triggers. It will disassociate smoking from the triggers, so that the next time when this individual feels lonely or bored, he or she might have something else to do or think, instead of lighting up a cigarette.

Thus, with Hypnosis, not only your deadly habit of smoking gets eradicated but, the life issues that push you to take up the bad habit in the first place, get addressed and solved right at their roots. With Hypnosis, you will get a life that is free of addiction and full of happiness and satisfaction.

From the time you drop your last cigarette...

  • in 20 minutes your blood pressure and heart rate will be back to normal
  • in 12 hours the level of fatal Carbon Monoxide will return back to normal
  • in 24 hours your body will start clearing up the mucus that is built in your lungs from smoking
  • in 72 hours, your breathing will become much easier and your overall energy level will increase
  • in 1 month, your skin will improve and in a year, your risk of getting a heart attack will come down to half of that of a smoker

Isn’t this beautiful?

The Power of Hypnosis

This is what Hypnosis does. It fills your mind with the positives of quitting and tells your mind that smoking is equivalent to poisoning. When your mind clearly identifies what a poison is and how beneficial it is for you to stay away from it, you will not need any patches or nicotine gums to replace your cravings. You will be entirely off the hook without any kind of chemicals or products.

If people understand that half of their lungs (the respiratory system) are the trees that provide oxygen, we do not need to go on about telling people to stop cutting trees. They would automatically know how important a tree is and moreover, who would want to lead a life with only one-half of their lungs?

This is the analogy that applies to Hypnosis and smoking. If people understand how beautiful life is, how important they are, how great their contribution is to their life and people, they would not want to cut it short by regularly consuming poison. They would themselves understand how quitting can give them a better life and most importantly, more time in their hands to lead a better life.

This is the magic of Hypnosis and the incredible power of quitting tobacco through Hypnosis. It not only gives you a long life, but, also a happy and satisfying one that is full of enjoyment and free of addiction.        



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