Positive Parenting: How Parenting from Your Heart is Empowering for Your Children




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Challenges that come with parenthood

Most adults at some point in their lives become parents, or as studies show us, at least 89.6% of us do. Although all adults want to be the most wonderful parents in the world or wish to provide their kids with everything (material or emotional) that they didn’t receive while growing up, when they become actual parents, they are met with the same level of frustration and seemingly endless challenges that come with parenthood.

This is not just true for young parents; parents of toddlers, as well as teenagers, can attest to the fact that challenges come at every developmental stage for their kids and sometimes, they can easily push their parents to go overboard with the punishment or disciplinary actions.

However, as we all know—when something can be achieved with empathy and respect; but instead, done with force or an iron hand—more often than not, it gives us the most undesirable results. The same is true for every child and every parent on this planet.

If we, as parents, act as authoritarian, dominant, and demanding towards our children—then as soon as they grow up and the unreasonable shackles of parenting are lifted, children might turn out to be the exact opposite of what the parents intended them to be. This is a simple result of bad parenting.

In our world today, there are millions of children who have grown up to be adults with less self-esteem, less self-confidence, less reasoning abilities, less emotional stability, and a less sense of belonging or attachment to any person in their world. They all suffer from untreated mental problems like anxiety and depression, but the roots of all these emotional hurdles were seeded deep into them from their early days of childhood.

How can parents shift to positive parenting?

On the other hand, if parents communicate with their children with the same level of respect and dignity that they share with full-grown adults—giving them the required appreciation even for doing the smallest of tasks or showing full effort, teach them with empathy, and address their day-to-day challenges with utmost sensitivity—the child will grow up to be confident, practical, and an emotionally stable human being.

This is positive parenting in a nutshell.

How many times has it happened to you—you ask your child to stop yelling; however, you do that in a loud voice or simply by yelling back at him or her? Then you fall for the old adage of “Do what I say and not what I do!”

This is the conundrum of most parents in this day and age. They all want their children to be absolutely brilliant in everything they do—they want them to be polite, well-behaved, and obedient. However, what they ignore is the importance of teaching these values with detailed instructions.

Either parents give very little attention to their children because of their own busy lives, or when they give them the attention, they end up giving high-morale lectures and teachings to their kids—that too, in an authoritarian tone. Or to make up for not spending enough time with their children, the parents end up indulging them more than necessary. As a result, neither the warmth of the parents is felt by the kids nor do those values get etched in their minds.

Kids remain kids and the very next moment you end up yelling at them—either for not eating their food, or for not doing their homework, or if they are busy fighting in a loud wrestling match with their siblings while you are talking to your boss over the phone.

Instead, if you listen attentively to your children, give them enough quality time to spend with you, set clear expectations for them, and treat them with positive recognition—you will not need to grill each and every morale value into their brain—they will automatically know what to do or how to behave.

You don’t expect your child to turn up and say, “Momma, can we please spend some quality time together talk about our day?” —no, right? However, children will always vie for your attention, either by doing the most notorious of things when you are the most busy or they will try to express their free will by disobeying your order intentionally.

Since we all have less time on our hands—instead of focusing on our children’s underlying emotions, we take their erratic behaviour at face value and then dish out some strict punishment or disciplinary actions; or just ignore the behaviour and fail to deal with it. What we don’t realize is, that in doing so, this type of behaviour will only contribute to making the child more unruly and disobedient.

Behaviours are mere symptoms and as parents, we need to focus on the root of our children’s behaviour rather than grounding them for behaving badly. Think about your own growing days and how you would have felt if you are always treated with less warmth and high authority. Miserable, right?

Positive parenting simply involves understanding the temperament of your children, understanding their struggles of growing up, understanding their attention issues, addressing their challenges, and ultimately being sensitive to their needs—be it impractical or illogical, which is understandable at their age.

How does hypnosis help promote positive parenting?

If you are struggling with parenting, you can take the help of Hypnosis, for it will help you understand that making mistakes is natural for your child, but it’s your job to help him or her learn from those mistakes, rather than scolding them for making one.
Hypnosis will help you learn how to give adequate attention to your kids so that they don’t disrupt your busy meeting with a sibling fighting match. Hypnosis will also help you in picking up small behavioural traits on how you can behave in front of your children and don’t end up doing the same thing that you scolded your child for a couple of moments ago.

Hypnosis will guide you to encourage your kids, motivate your kids, and build a sense of awareness in your kids. If you, as parents, always scold them or try to discipline them forcefully, your kids will lack self-esteem and confidence. They may not take any responsibility for their mistakes, as they know even a small mistake will result in punishment. If you indulge them more than necessary, they will, also, not take any responsibility because they will expect others to fulfil their demands.

On the other hand, Hypnosis will teach you how to let your kids express their free will so that your values and ethics get reflected in them.

Remember, bringing up kids is not an easy job at all. It needs the right number of expectations, the right amount of indulgence and warmth, along with the right amount of discipline. If any one of these goes wrong, you will have a house with frustrated adults and a reckless children.

So, take the help of Hypnosis if you are struggling with parenting and unleash the benefits of positive parenting, so that your children grow up as healthy adults—mentally, emotionally, and physically!


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