Physical Creation of Loving Space 


This picture was taken outside a home in Sintra, Portugal.  It got me thinking about home and how the heart seems to connect automatically to that space and family.



Our Inner and Outer Worlds: How the Spaces We Occupy Shape Us

There is a particular space inside us and right in front of our eyes, where we belong at a particular time; at each and every moment.

For instance, if you are reading this from your work cubicle, generally, the space inside of us is sober, professional, calm, and the one that is outside, is conventional, formal, and official.

Then again, if you are reading this traveling, deep inside you are wondering what to do next, what has happened, while the outside world is moving, filled with strangers whose lives you are completely oblivious of. Although you share the same outside space or world with all of them at the same time, of course, the inside space or world goes mostly and generally unnoticed.

If we are on this newsletter sitting back at our home, inside, we would be comfortable, free, and relaxed, because the space that lies outside knows our guilt, our faults, our tears, our smiles, our success, and our evolution. This is what gives us absolute comfort in the first place to be free the way we want to be, at our home.

The simple point is we cannot ignore the spaces where we are at a specific point in time, the relationship we share with the space, and the sheer significance of the space in shaping how we act and react, talk and listen, behave and function within that space.

Even in purely scientific terms, as ‘physical matters’, we, human beings, occupy a particular space at all times.

Now, without going deep into space and the moon, why do most of us never do anything to create such a space, find such a space, discover such a space, where there is no quest but calm, no search but solace, no pain but peace, no lifelessness but love?


Finding Our Perfect Space in the Universe

With our beloved planet hanging in space, when our houses are spaces, and our bodies are spaces for cells, and organisms, which themselves are spaces for molecules and atoms, why don’t all of us find the one perfect space for our soul where it can cherish the comfort of our home?

This concept of space is rather simple! If we look at ourselves, we share an individual relationship with each other within our family; at the same time, as a family we share relationships with other families, and at the very same time, we possess an individual identity or space of our own.

Now let’s stretch this thought a bit and take a look at our galaxy – each planetary body shares a specific spatial coexistence among each other within the galaxy and the galaxies, as a whole have distinct spaces within the entire universe. Also, just like us, each planetary body is different in its characteristics!

Without going further into the complex riddles of our reality, it’s important that we find that perfect space in this ever-expanding universe, no matter how tiny it is, where there will be no tussle in our relationships, in our conscience, in our actions, in our words, in our existence.

And because we struggle to find or see that space that perhaps exists right in front of us, we experience tussle and we start questioning our own position within the space in terms of why, how, and what could!

We need to realize a fundamental thing – when we were born, we were not given any choice but after that, we have every right to choose how we live and create our own space; a space that is built on the grounds of trust, with the foundation of support, designed with care, and one that has the perfect shelter called love.


Creating Your Own Safe Place

If we do not create that space on our own – be it in terms of our loving family where we can get the warmest of the warmth in the coldest of circumstances, or our compassionate friends where we can offload the heaviest of the heavy emotional baggage without thinking twice, or our charming children where we can come and let the stress of the most stressful days wash away with their innocent smile and laughter ­ – everything will feel meaningless and tasteless!

At the same time, one will be in a very bad space if they lead a comfortable lifestyle than most yet harbor the most uncomfortable thoughts about their colleagues and neighbors. Similarly, that individual is in a goldmine of a space who is happy with others’ achievements and success, no matter what their social standards of living are.

The truth is, you can create a hell in heaven if you ‘think so’ and on the flip with your mindset, you can definitely create a paradise by surviving through hellish times.

Even if it sounds quite philosophical, we all need to resort to pottery at sometimes in our lives to create that space for ourselves where only ‘we’ exist! The earlier we create this space, the better it is, as it will spare us the repair of the cracks later; which are destined to appear in our professional and personal relationships if we forget to forge our own space at the right time.

Now, we all are so entangled with responsibilities in our regular life, that it’s very difficult to either realize the value of where we are, what we have, and how privileged we are and be thankful for all of them, or be courageous enough to be a seeker of a road that is seldom traveled.

This is where Hypnosis can be used as a tool to unveil the space where you know you will be embraced with love, compassion, and kindness.


Hypnosis: A Journey to Your Inner Area

Through Hypnosis, you can learn about the bridges that lie between your conscious and subconscious, between your reality and perception, between your emotions and beliefs, and between your boundaries and potential.

Hypnosis can help you look at the intricacies of your desires and show you a masterpiece on how profound your own space can be if it is manifested in reality with the very essence of your dreams and immense possibilities.

Hypnosis can give you the magical experience of sensing your inner space where you can explore your opportunities through the lens of absolute freedom. It can act as a catalyst in transforming the way you perceive your current circumstances and help you stir a lively blend of emotions and feelings in your life.

This is simply because you will have a clear idea about where you belong within your own space and what space you share with others. And Hypnosis can guide you on this journey not through miracles and wonders but through tender guidance and peaceful meditative techniques.

Always remember that until and unless we sync ourselves with the rhythm of our eternal happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, and aspirations, we will always feel out of space and out of place

So, it’s best that we create a dwelling of love that shines with the serenity of our inner self.


"Create a space where you can let go of all your worries and fears." - Unknown


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