Passion: The Enigma of Life that Fuels our Magical Purpose







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                                                            "Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." -Oprah Winfrey

What makes you tick?

As human beings, we appear right at the top of the food chain because of our intellect and consciousness which most other animals on this planet lack. Just because we are conscious of ourselves and are aware of our surroundings, the purpose of our life goes well beyond the rudimentary survival mechanics that include drinking water, eating food, breathing air, excretion of waste, reproducing, and sleeping.

With our survival being secured (thanks to the brilliant engineering of our brain) and our curiosity being limitless, it was only natural for us to venture out into the world, looking for new adventures that triggered our adrenaline and made us highly excited. It could very well be a kingdom expansion project or simply the need to explore what lies beyond the known borders of our forefathers.

No matter what the exact reason is, the motive behind human actions, right from the dark stone ages to this modern, digital world, has always hinged on ‘finding a true purpose’   this keeps people motivated to lead lives that otherwise would be like a lazy cat; whose only purpose is to purr, sleep, eat, and probably repeat!

From time immemorial, human beings have been looking to find that ‘one thing’ that drives them, inspires them, motivates them, and excites them to the point that without performing that particular action, there will be a feeling of despondency.

Finding your "thing"

This ‘thing’ that we are talking about cannot be measured in any scientific lab, nor can it be defined using a few words as it is highly individualistic. In fact, this thing sometimes can be so elusive that people lead their entire life without realizing the existence of it or the importance of recognizing it.

The ‘thing’ in question is known as ‘passion’ or the ‘inner call’ or the ‘inner fire!’

This inner fire or passion is the most valuable source of energy in one’s life. It is the energy that fuels our deepest desires and dreams and compels us to act. The most beautiful part is that. when our life goals and objectives fall in line with our passion, we lead a life that is not just successful but meaningful. A life that is not just filled with happiness, but also with immense satisfaction. A life that is not just wonderful, but full of lively pleasures.

When people discover their passion and align their lives with it, a magical synergy takes place and everything around them becomes joyous and effortless.

When we are actually passionate about what we are doing in our lives, we stop working ‘hard’ and start ‘enjoying’ work. Neither workloads nor the pressure of meeting deadlines bothers us as we remain ‘happily’ invested in what we are doing. Hours fly by and tiredness and fatigue can not touch us or deter us from reaching our goals.

As we work with passion, our excitement and enthusiasm for the work are combined, and we do not need any extra motivation. Even a negative outcome or a setback feels powerless in front of our sparkling ‘inner fire’.  Passionate people only look at obstacles as opportunities to test their skills, knowledge, and expertise.

When your ‘inner fire’ burns bright, all your doubts and fears take the back seat. Criticism and negative feedback do not derail you from your objective, as you keep on moving forward, listening to your ‘inner call.’  Once you find what your ‘inner fire’ is all about, it will be your biggest source of power and self-belief.

Let the fire of passion ignite your life

At its very core, your passion is ‘you at a very intimate level’. It is comprised of your strengths, talents, potential, likes, values, ethics, and morals. It is shaped by your experiences, observations, and inclinations toward certain things.

The moment your heart and head get connected to the same source of passion; you start feeling amazingly alive. Your life opens itself in all its glory, as all your important life decisions are now shaped by this intrinsic call.

You will never need any external motivation, nor will you need any inspiration when the going gets tough. This is the most beautiful thing about following your passion and doing what you love. When you respond and act according to your ‘inner fire,’ an ‘uncertain’ life becomes ‘a happy and vibrant one.’  All the complex questions of life seem to come with multiple choices which you could select according to your plans.

When you discover your passion and you feel obliged to follow it no matter what. Your energy level and your whole outlook on life change completely. Failures start making you more determined and you always remain filled with the positive attitude of ‘let’s make it happen no matter what.’

This contagious optimism starts taking you to places and you see doors opening just for you, events taking place just because of you, and you start meeting all the right people at the right time. Your ‘inner fire’ propels you to unscalable heights, which you did not even foresee in your most fascinating of dreams.

Keeping this fire alive is possible

However, as mentioned earlier, passion as an element of life can be a bit elusive. Although all of us have it within us, research shows, that almost 90 percent of the global workforce, is employed in streams of work that, they are not at all passionate about.

This is because, a lot of us do not look within ourselves or at least invest the required amount of time and effort to discover our true essence or ‘core purpose’ in life – the purpose that makes us different from other people.

One characteristic of passion is, that on its own, it lacks the ability to ignite itself. Until and unless people discover their true passion or at least realize that it exists for a particular subject or thing, they end up leading a life that is full of ‘hard’ work, innumerable obligations, relentless duties, and never-ending chores.

It is like leading a life wanting all the precious jewels, but failing to discover the opulent treasure island that sits deep within, only waiting to be discovered.

In this fast-paced chaotic world, when most of us are driven by herd mentality, who has the time to be the Columbus of our own ‘Promised Land’?

The good news is, that there are certain tools to help you re-ignite your passion or bring it to life from the ruins of the dead. In fact, these tools can guide you as a map and take you close to discovering your passion that you failed to recognize all this while.

How Hypnosis helps

Hypnosis helps you to know who you actually are. It helps you to understand each and every aspect of your life in terms of decisions, choices, relationships, and actions. When you get to know why you are doing what you are doing, you can easily get your hands on the answer to the question of whether you really want to do it or carry on doing this.

Even though not every person is born with all five senses, passion is something that each soul has in abundance. You just need a light to see that or a guide to finding that. Hypnosis can be your friend and guide in your search for passion.

The fuel that you need to ignite your ‘inner fire’ is all present inside you and Hypnosis will only assist you in finding the right techniques that are suitable for you to rekindle the flame of your inner fire.

Once you know the techniques that work for you, you, yourself, will be able to unlock the true magic and power of your passion. When you get passionately involved in something, more than the money it fetches you or the success it brings to you, your sheer joy lies in the participation, and you draw your satisfaction from the process of working.

Hypnosis will help you understand this simple philosophy of life, which is without passion. Without responding to your ‘inner fire’, you can only be a successful sheep with a lot of stress! However, when passion is ignited in your line of work, you will be a satisfied human being with a fulfilled life.

                                                                                                 "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." -Albert Einstein


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