Helping Children to Help Themselves with Hypnosis



Challenges that children can face

The life of a child is a life of discovery and learning. They are full of curiosity, vivid imagination and visual fascination. However, their path of discovery is often filled with a lot of challenges that we, as adults, hardly understand.

They can be bullied at their schools, they can have difficulty in memorizing lessons, they can feel extremely nervous during examinations or they can experience shyness and low self-esteem. As their curious mind gets acquainted with these setbacks and difficulties—instead of discussing and understanding these events, they tend to retreat into their shells in order to deal with these problems with the help of their imagination.

Why do children have a higher chance of experiencing fear and other negative emotions?

This is primarily because they do not have the maturity of an adult and they lack the reasoning skills of full-grown adults. This is why they experience a higher degree of fear than adults, and the intensity of their fears is much more than that of an adult.
When their evocative imagination and fantasies come into play, these fears get a completely free reign in their developing minds and before the parents realize—their children start developing all kinds of phobias.

We, as adults need to understand the simple fact, that for a small child, the whole world is new and remains highly unexplored for their mental capabilities. That is why they use imaginative visualizations in the first place—to understand their whole world and make sense of it.

This is the reason why children up until the age of 10, have very little distinction in their minds between reality and fantasy. Especially in these formative years of a child—there is a whole blend of emotions like anger, shame, embarrassment, fear, sadness and guilt that can come into the picture and create a situation in their mind that may end up seriously hampering their development.

Even if a child is able to develop a livable response to all these complicated emotions and feelings on his/her own, it can gravely hamper his/her progress in the future. Although that livable response supports the child at some emotional level, that does not imply that s/he will not be deeply affected by these complex emotions.

As they grow up, these social insecurities stay with them and they develop a degree of fear or shame or embarrassment as a normal part of their growth. If serious intervention is not done in the formative years, the child becomes an adult who suffers from all kinds of issues related to the emotional balance of life.

Moreover, more often than not, parents find it difficult to clear the clouds of anxieties in their child’s minds, because children, unlike adults, cannot be forcefully willed out of their fears. The more the parents try, the more fearful the child gets and as a result, curable phobias get turned into disorders.

Children's naivety makes them much more vulnerable to negative surrounding and situations 

Because of their heightened imagination and strong fantasy worlds, children are always in some state of trance. This basically means that they are highly suggestible and they believe almost everything that they are told.

For example, if a child is subjected to bullying or other family-related issues, like constant arguments and fights between mom and dad—they believe this is the sorry state of the entire world. On the other hand, if a child is highly loved and constantly being told how beautiful, bright and great s/he is, s/he picks up everything in a positive way and will have that positive emotional balance from an early age.

All the parents of the world, no matter how bad their own social personalities are, want their children to grow up strong, in a safe and secure environment. However, they often fail to read their child’s mind and reach their level of imagination and fall short in their drive. Sooner rather than later, their own child starts distancing themselves from his/her parents.

The magic of Hypnosis to help with some of the issues children face

To unlock and understand the fears, anxieties and complexities of an imaginative and creative mind, like that of a child, parents need special tools. When they are busy themselves with their jobs and other commitments, their level of care and focus gradually comes down along with their patience, and they start to wonder why their child is not performing or behaving like the other children?

They force the child to be like others and put more pressure in trying to mould the child according to the accepted societal norms. What happens as a result is that the child starts getting more stressed,

The stress shows up in various ways, like bed-wetting, nail-biting, thumb-sucking, concentration deficiencies, attitude and behavioural problems, uncontrollable anger, prolonged periods of illness, unhealthy sibling rivalry, weight issues, speech problems, nightmares, learning problems, low self-esteem—the list goes on and on.

All these issues can be cured with magic—the Magic of Hypnosis. Although, it’s not actually magic, it’s a scientific process. To the parents, if all of a sudden all the bad habits or stubbornness or school problems seem to vanish from their child, it’s nothing short of fantastic magic.

Hypnosis for children seems magical, because children react more rapidly to the process of Hypnosis than adults. Since they already have an open and imaginative mind, it becomes much easier to plant positive suggestions and advice in their minds.

The process of Hypnosis itself involves imagination and creativity, the two things that all children possess in abundance. Therefore, the sessions of Hypnosis become much more interesting and active with the children, as it is mainly done through imaginative storytelling, playtime and sometimes even through their favourite heroes and cartoon characters.

The minds of children, unlike that of adults, are free of the shackles of matured resistances—they feel much more comfortable in escaping from reality to a trance-like state.

When they are in their trance, their fantasy world comes alive in their mind with all their superheroes and loving cartoon characters telling them how strong and wonderful they can be just like their heroes, if they leave that bad habit of thumb sucking or nail-biting.

The whole process of Hypnosis, not only addresses and eliminates the deep-rooted anxiety issues in children, but also stimulates curiosity and creativity among them. This basically makes the session much more interactive and as a result, the child willingly buys into the positive suggestions and actively participates in the process.

Within a few sessions of Hypnosis, the changes can be seen by the parents themselves as the magic starts to take its own course. The child becomes much more confident and free of unreasonable fears and anxieties.

And it’s also important to note that Hypnosis with children is not a recent phenomenon. It has been around a long time and the first paper regarding this was published in the major American Journal called Science, with the title, ‘Suggestion in Infancy’ in the year 1891.

Most importantly, because Hypnosis is non-invasive and there is empirical evidence around it, as a parent you can definitely try this safe scientific process to help your child deal with his/her emotional problems.

No education system in the world teaches a young mind how to deal adequately with stress, rejection and anxieties. This is why mental health is a very big issue in today’s fast-paced world of instant social validation.

Take the help of Hypnosis if your children are suffering from any anxiety or phobia or disorder, for it gives you an enriching way to reconnect with your children to sort the problems they face in their day-to-day life.



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