Escape from the Enemy Within: Time to Discourage Your Limiting Beliefs







These were taken in Sintra, Portugal, at the Western most point of Europe. The Portuguese roughly translates to, “Where the land meets the sea” … this got me thinking about limits and how they define our lives…




The growing process

In our childhood days, we tend to think of life as a field of infinite possibilities. As young children, we believe everything is possible and we are capable of doing anything. Even if there is not a lot of conviction, we still never think twice before trying our hands on something or experiencing a particular event at a personal level.

However, things don’t remain the same as we grow up and start to observe life from the lens of logic, sense, ideals, and truths. The world around us starts to condition us from within and without realizing it, we internalize the perceptions that exist in the outside world and start limiting our thoughts, ideas, imaginations, creativity, and even our identity.

Our outer experiences start shaping our life in such a way, that we even create stories around our limited identity, along the lines of social pressure, family values, education system, opinions, and accepted norms.

Most of these stories hinge on being afraid to speak our own minds, being unsure of our own needs, being doubtful about our own capabilities and potential; and most importantly these stories capture the essence of the ‘eternal assumed truth’ which is ‘probably I am not good enough!’

You set your own limitations 

In today’s time, when there is too much pressure to always stay ‘politically correct’, (be it on religious beliefs, opinions, or even on the choice of pronouns) and ‘being accepted’ (thanks to the world of social media), ‘to be authentic’ or ‘to be original’ has suddenly become something of extraordinary nature.

However, ‘being authentic’ and ‘being true to yourself,’ does not imply that you do not have any healthy boundaries or limitations in life. In fact, leading a happy life, essentially involves having a few boundaries and limitations that keep you grounded or at least are capable of preventing you from going down the slope in difficult times of life.

For example, if you think your limitation to ‘not stealing stuff,’ is holding you back from doing a robbery in the local bank and becoming rich, probably this limitation is good for you - otherwise, you would probably be in jail by now! This is an example of a boundary that we all should have to keep us at bay, from making poor decisions in life.

The same holds true for your unique objectives and goals in life and how true you can stay to those aspirations. For example, if you want to build your own personality, invest in self-development methods, and achieve the goals that you have set for yourself, you can be a  determined and dedicated by limiting yourself from being taken as a prisoner to changes in society, fashion, attitude, and current trends.

Understanding your own limitations and respecting your internal boundaries, no matter what, is definitely a character trait that deserves an ample amount of respect. In fact, it is an effective and critical part of your self-care routine, as this quality can assist you in juggling a number of responsibilities and social duties when there is too much stress around the corner.

The key is healthy boudaries 

For instance, if you are the exclusive healing shoulder to a friend of yours with huge emotional baggage, you need somebody on the side, as well, to share the stress and emotional burden that your friend is squarely dumping on you.

This might sound or appear to be absolutely selfish; but if you do not set boundaries or limitations, as in how much you can accept and how much can be shared with you, your mental and physical well-being will get affected at some point in time, and you can rest assured, that achieving your goals and objectives will always remain elusive to you.

This is primarily because your emotional reservoir has a capacity of its own and therefore, you need to define clearly what you can share with others and what other people can expect from you in a relationship. Otherwise, you always run the risk of getting burned out or falling short of your own dreams and aspirations.

In simple terms, if you do not have any internal boundaries to stick to, you will always be at others’ whims, overwhelmed by others’ expectations, and never be able to lead a life that you can be proud of. So, have your own limits, know how much you can push, and where you need to stop, so that you stay within your healthy boundaries and do not become lost in somebody else’s dreams.

Speaking about dreams, it stands the polar opposite on the spectrum of ‘limits’ as we are often told to dream big and be limitless with our aspirations!

So, the question is, how can you have a set of healthy boundaries within you and still lead a life which has limitless opportunities and infinite possibilities?

The answer lies in eliminating your self-limiting beliefs that are quite unnecessary and unrealistic.

The clear distinction that lies between having healthy boundaries and restricting yourself with self-limiting beliefs is that the former keeps you safe, secure, and on top of your life goals however,  the latter hampers your self-esteem, curbs your true potential, and holds you back from reaching your desired destination.

Intuition goes before you, showing you the way

Our limiting beliefs primarily stem from our own value system, convictions, opinions, and thoughts that shaped our childhood days. Most of us picked up these beliefs through osmosis from the people who have had a great influence on us during our formative years.

Usually, these beliefs were put in place as a natural reaction to unpleasant or painful situations that we faced or were faced by others, who were impacting our early lives in some way, shape, or form. Growing up, we don’t even realize how ingrained these unrealistic beliefs become in our subconscious and how our actions become overly limiting because of these self-limiting convictions.

More often than not, the entire bouquet of beliefs that limit our potential is primarily triggered towards ourselves, the world around us, and life in general. For example, when it comes to us, we believe probably we are not eligible to do it; when it’s about the world, we tend to think that probably no one will let us achieve our dreams; and when it is about life, we believe in the falsehood that our life is too difficult to accomplish our tall dreams.

When we were young, these self-limiting beliefs were put in place as emotional safety valves and as defenses to ‘threatening’ situations. Growing up, there is no point in sticking to your comfort zone always and never putting your skill and potential to test.

If you do not change or accept challenges and surrender yourself to your self-limiting beliefs, you will never achieve your desired goals and always remain stagnant in your comfort zone. Life and opportunities will pass you by as gusts of wind!

If you never try, you will never know how far you can go and how great you can be.

A necessary help to take your way 

To help you eliminate these self-restricting beliefs and set you free from their claustrophobic tentacles, you can take the help of Hypnosis.

Hypnosis will help you understand who you are and support you to trust your intrinsic abilities and strength. Once you know what drives you, what motivates you, and what limits you, you can work on those exact areas and start progressing on the life path that you had always desired deep within you.

Once you get to know what wonderful things you can achieve on your own, utilizing your own strengths, abilities, and potential, you need not depend on the judgment, perspective, or scrutiny of the external world. You can lead your own life on your principles and ideals and achieve extraordinary feats that are only possible because of you.

Hypnosis can guide you to be your own master. With the help of Hypnosis, you can put each and every piece of irrational and self-limiting beliefs under the microscope of reality and judge for yourself whether they are impacting you negatively or propelling you toward your desired destination.

In simple terms, Hypnosis will help you in comprehending where exactly you are going wrong in evaluating yourself and will guide you to get released from your own confined perceptions.

So, have healthy boundaries, and respect your principles, but when it comes to beliefs don’t let them limit your growth or don’t stand in the way of your own improvement with some age-old beliefs which you developed when you were just five years old!


It takes years to learn the difference between who to let go and who to be patient with. The same way it takes years to know what you deserve and what you don’t. So hang in there — growth and experience come with time — R.M. Drake



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