Embrace Change to Embrace Life

This picture was taken in Xi'an, China.  I love the circular doorways found in traditional Chinese buildings because they remind me of wonderful possibilities all around us.

Ever-changing life

“This too shall pass!” – If not directly from a prophet, we have all heard some form of this famous phrase from all the wise people in our lives. Especially when the going gets tough, this phrase is passed on to us by our family members, our friends, as well as, our colleagues. Be it heartbreak, a loss of a secured job or a deep personal loss, people believe that time is the best healer and even if that particular moment is very difficult for us to endure, this shall too pass with time and change will take place.

Now, why do we all have an immense belief in change? We can’t touch it, we can’t hear it, we can’t smell it – yet we believe in it with all our heart. This is simply because - we can feel it within us and we can definitely see change in all its colours, all around us.

Nature is ever-changing. Our thoughts are ever-changing. Our minds, our relationships are ever-changing. Change is everywhere and in everything. Just like it surrounds us, it is omnipresent in all our minds as well as in our bodies.

From the day we were born, till today, we don’t need to have a look in the mirror to figure out how much we have changed. What we used to like the most when we were five has simply gone out of our favorite list when we were nineteen. What we hated doing the most when we were seven has become an intrinsic part of our lives when we were twenty-one. This is the natural course of life.

To give a few examples, many famous sports personalities hated to wake up at 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning when they were young to go to practice. Now when their hard work and discipline has paid off in their career, they no longer struggle to wake up early as, without it, they won’t be able to perform at their very best. There are numerous examples of doctors who used to get scared by the faintest glimpse of blood in their childhood and now have become wonderful surgeons.

What is change?

This is change at its most visible level. The science of change just doesn’t restrict itself in the lives of humans. Nature is changing at every second – be it on the ground or up in the blue azure sky. Seeds grow to become trees, many trees then form a forest. Rain falls and rivers are formed, then rivers come together to make a sea. From one form to many and from many forms to one – transition is the food for life in heaven and earth.

If our planet did not rotate around its axis or revolved around the sun, gravity wouldn’t have existed on earth and life would be a far-fetched concept. For the sky to get filled with clouds and for stars to twinkle and shine, a change of earth’s position in its orbit is absolutely mandatory.

Change is in the forever. The forever uniting, growing, and dissolving nature of elements is what sustains life and nature on this planet of ours. Therefore, if we ignore this huge perceptible science, we ignore the very nature of life. When we end up resisting change or the natural flow of life, we end up resisting the true essence of our existence.

The one and only thing that is permanent in nature and will always be is Change. It is by far the only certain thing in our entire universe.

Resisting Change

So, change or looking for change is not just necessary, it is a part of our whole life process. As babies, our brain functions were different, and then it changed itself as we grew with time. It matured and became wise with information. Yet none of us on any day consciously realized, “Oh Wow! I feel my brain has changed itself right now.” This is because as leaves from trees naturally fall in the autumn, change also takes place naturally within us.

Now, the moment we start resisting all necessary change, we start working against the natural current of life which is to go forward.

Resistance comes primarily in setbacks or when we are firm in our comfort zones. All of us love comfort. So, why bother to shake things up when we are cozy in our comforts, right? This is exactly what our minds tell us when we try to bring in some change within us or in our actions. The mind does everything in its capacity to resist us from changing things as it tries to protect us from the unknown.

As a result, we fall prey to our minds and keep things similar in our lives and never start thinking out of the box or never get the urge to feel new experiences. This is the life of a frog in a well. To the frog, its entire world is the well and as it has never jumped outside of it, it never got to know about the green grass, about the blissful breeze, about the clear blue skies or about the red roses and the colourful butterflies. All its time is spent inside damp dark walls, whereas all life is present just outside the well - one which the frog never gets to experience. No human would like the life of that frog.

If we refuse to let change take place, we reject life and we choose to stay in the comfort of our silo thinking. We never grow, our minds never develop and we become stale. We will become just like a stone that has no purpose or meaning in life except to do the routine things, day-after-day, in the same pattern years-after-years till we die. Our lives in the end become a conundrum of have-nots and have-been.

Allowing Change to flow

If we learn to let go of our comfort zones, of our past, of our worries and anxieties, that is the first step of opening a doorway for change. Just accepting the fact that we will let go and let things flow without worrying unnecessarily about where it will lead us, is bringing change intentionally within us.

Changing this mindset is not always easy. It requires determination and acceptance that some difficulties will come but we need to adapt. The natural discomfort that comes first with change is when it forces us to look at things differently and enables us to see the true reality of things. The moment we confront reality, we can accept failures and setbacks and deal with them as part of life. Deep down, we will know that this will pass as well, and therefore, we need to change ourselves instead of staying still in the setback and mourning the failures.

When we let go and move forward in life, we adapt ourselves to the ebbs and flows of life and we start learning from the universe. At times of turmoil, instead of wearing ourselves down with the upheavals, we should focus on how we can bring change to the present situation and keep moving on the path of life. When change is everywhere in nature and life, we will find peace and fulfillment only if we are in harmony with it but not being at arm’s length from it.

As we accept the flux in life, no matter how excruciating a pain is, we can endure it with the durability of a stone. Similarly, like a small drop of water on the stone, we will get drenched with calmness and kindness at the cruellest of times, because, we have adapted ourselves to change and not allowed ourselves to be all the same in different situations in our lives.

Change is the liveliness of life, of compassion, of empathy, of resilience. Change is the vigour of our existence. Resisting it will result in stagnation and death, relishing it will result in thriving in the euphony of life.


“The Measure of Intelligence is the Ability to Change” ― Albert Einstein


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