This picture was taken in Datong, China, where many years ago, Monks living in caves carved amazing statutes of the The Buddha.  I love the way we can trick our eyes and minds into thinking that I have my hand under the chin, when in reality, I am not close enough to the statue to actually be doing that!


“If a tree could only walk, it would not fear being chopped down” – Rumi

Studies show that hypnosis can treat everything from chronic pain to poor study habits.  Chances are it can work for you.  – D. Barrett – Psychology Today 2016

An awakened mind is a powerful mind. It can achieve wonders


If you want to achieve impossible things, if you are looking for a way in which you can change your life and your perspective of life, then hypnosis is for you.

Hypnosis can have some profound effects on your mind and body. From curing phobias to boosting productivity, to losing weight, the list of benefits is endless. If you've never experienced hypnosis before, you may be skeptical. Rest assured, hypnosis is a safe practice that has been around for thousands of years – it’s part of our natural make-up and we do it all the time.

Hypnosis can be a lot of things to a lot of different people. To some, it's a form of entertainment or a good party trick. To others, hypnosis is something they've only experienced while watching movie plots in which a person is made to commit acts that are far outside their personality type. Still, to others, hypnosis is the path to greater success in business and life - an opportunity to unlock the power inside themselves that they never knew possible.

Most people like to think that they can't be hypnotized. There is often the suspicion that being hypnotized could label them as being weak-willed, naive or unintelligent. But in fact, modern research (Psychology Today – 2016) shows that hypnotizability is correlated with intelligenceconcentration and focus. Hypnosis is not an all-or-nothing phenomenon, but rather a continuum. Most people can be hypnotized to some degree--the only question is how far.

It might sound scary, but the benefits of hypnosis are far less mysterious. All hypnosis does is help your mind focus on positive thoughts and behaviors. It can help you stop smoking, lose weight by eating healthier and exercising, relieve stress, learn more effectively, develop confidence – the list goes on and on.

Hypnosis is one of the easiest, most effective tools to help you eliminate unwanted habits (like smoking or drinking), conquer fears, achieve your goals, and much more.

Despite what you may have heard, hypnosis is not a form of mind-control or brainwashing. It is a state of concentrated awareness in which you give suggestions, commands, and instructions directly to your subconscious mind; bypassing the critical factor and inhibitions that usually occur when giving instructions. This means hypnosis works really well for certain types of change such as physical and emotional pain management (e.g. phobias, acrophobia, migraine relief, pain management, controlling cravings, insomnia, etc.).


If you feel stuck and frustrated, because you are at cross-roads and know you need a change, but you don’t know where to start,

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Sainoor Premji  B.Sc, M.Sc (Holistic Nutrition), RNCP, MHt, Master Hypnotist, Akashic Reader, Holistic Nutritionist, Montessori School Teacher.  

An expert in mind-body-spirit connection, Sainoor has traveled widely on her journey through life- the feedback she received most often from her clients is how wonderful it feels to be free of fear, doubts, and yo-yo dieting; how they now live their lives with hope and lightness. 

“Thank you for the wisdom and guidance. Sometimes we need words from a stranger to show us what we didn’t want to see ourselves.”- T.C. 

“This was a life-changing session. I feel a sense of calm I have never felt before! Thank you for helping me to release the demon of fear!”- E.A.

Sainoor Premji
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