Be Grateful as Parents to Instill the Art of Appreciation in Your Child






These pictures were taken in Xi'an, China...The first picture is interesting because it was part of a house from a long time ago... It fascinated me that they have rooms to go to and meditate and reflect on errors made...




“Appreciation is a natural form of happiness”

Leading them to live happy life is the goal.

The word ‘appreciation’ encompasses a lot of feelings and emotions. At its very core, appreciation simply means seeing people as the way they are and finding the underlying beauty in them. It is basically a feeling of ‘awareness’ – being aware of how beautiful things are, how lucky you are, how wonderful nature is, how blessed your family members are, and how awesome your life experiences have been.

However, cultivating this feeling within oneself is easier said than done. Especially in today’s times when 8 and 9-year-olds go about their day with an expensive smartphone in their hands, it can be very difficult for parents to teach this feeling of ‘appreciation’ to them. This is because, from their early childhood years, most kids take most things for granted.

The truth of the matter is, more than the kids’ fault, the blame should fall squarely on the shoulders of their parents. As parents, if you do not help your young kids learn how to be thankful or how to express their gratitude for the unique things around them, there are studies to show that growing up, your child may run the risk of leading an unhappy and unfulfilled life.

The science behind gratitude

There was a study published in The Journal of Happiness Studies back in 2019, which found a direct psychological connection between ‘happiness’ and ‘appreciation’ among children who were 5 years old. The inference drawn from the study showed that,  when you teach your child gratitude and the need to express gratitude, they turn out to be happy people later on in their life.

There are many other studies that comprise teenagers (aged 14 to 19), as well as young children (11 to 13 years), which show that the early seeds of happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment, can be seeded at a very early age, if the parents teach their child the art of appreciation.

These studies do not just stop at the immediate benefits of teaching your child the virtue of gratitude (which is a form of appreciation), but continue to push the boundary and form scientific conclusions around how involved your kid will be in their community or school, how they will be less depressed and not at all be overly materialistic, and how compassionate they will be towards a diverse group of individuals and cultures.

For parents, their ultimate happiness stems from the happiness of their children. Which parent would like their child to grow up as an envious, depressed, and hopeless human being?

So, why not start today and teach your child some of the fundamental forms of appreciation and gratefulness? 

Appreciating little things is a natural gift

The trick to teaching your child forms of appreciation does not just come from forcing them to say ‘thank you’ or compel them to express their gratitude whenever someone gives them something. Of course, this is a form of appreciation but this path of preaching will only act as a formal limitation. Your child will not be able to embrace the full satisfaction that lies in conscious and natural appreciation.

In fact, there are studies as well that show how parents put much more importance on teaching their children the simple forms of gratitude, completely overlooking their duty to nurture their intrinsic ability to appreciate.

Remember when your toddler was just a few months old and giving them their favorite toy would put a smile on their face? That was your toddler’s natural appreciation towards you which nobody taught them ever.

So, why not fall back to nature and impulses rather than being fixated on teaching your child to say ‘Thank You’ all the time?

Starting to see the little things is the easiest way to go

For starters, you need to focus on yourself first before turning to your young child. Children are great at picking up things and understanding certain subtleties around them. So, if you say ‘Thank you’ to people at a store or a parking lot, or simply in your house, you need not force your child to learn the importance of being grateful.

If you are just taking a stroll with your child, simply appreciate the beautiful nature around both of you. You can draw your child’s attention to the awesome sunset, the bright red flower around the corner, or the white ducklings taking a swim in the nearby pond.

All these minute activities will leave a strong and resounding impact on the mind of your young child, who will begin to embrace your positive attitude toward life.  If something goes wrong down the line, for example, your child’s sports day gets washed off due to rain, try to paint a positive picture in front of your child no matter how upset they are. You can say things like imagine if you didn’t get this day off, you won’t be able to come to the amusement park and have your favorite ice cream.

If, as a parent, you express your gratitude towards the world, appreciate others, praise their achievements and recognition, show humility, and be humble, you can be sure that your child will turn out to be a wonderful human being with a perfectly healthy and positive mindset.

However, in today’s world time can be an expensive commodity and many children are raised by their babysitters or nanny. This modern way of upbringing could very well involve instances of surprise or shock when you return from work and see disturbing behavior or hear an unparliamentary word uttered by your child.

Hypnosis can help us to appreciate the world and be grateful for our surroundings.

So, if time is a factor and you are really struggling to parent your child with all your values, ethics, and morals, you can take the help of Hypnosis.

Hypnosis can be a wonderful tool for your young child in untangling their neural pathways to happiness. As studies have related the power of appreciation to the feeling of happiness, hypnosis works with  young minds to encourage them, as well as help them generate positive values, vision, and wisdom towards life and everything in general.

Hypnosis works directly on eradicating the negative and toxic emotions that get deposited in the mindset and thought patterns of your young child by the outside world. Young minds have a unique way of seeing things and interpreting their meanings. It is important to understand what they feel, why they feel, and how they channel their feelings looking at a particular thing.

The primary role of Hypnosis is to help them look at the world through the lens of positivity and keep as much negativity as possible at arm’s length. So, before going to the stage of expressing appreciation, hypnosis works at the root of understanding emotions and feelings.

If your children are happy, satisfied, and positive from within, nobody needs to teach them how to contribute to others’ happiness or how to appreciate others’ achievements as that is the life they have naturally grown up in.

When people are grateful, they show real sensitivity towards others, which in turn helps them to be more attentive and compassionate. They become better at decision-making, learning, and adapting to the uncertainties in life.

With the help of Hypnosis, you can help your child become grateful and appreciative today - the benefits of this will be immense, long-term, and highly satisfying.



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