Attracting Abundance to Live a Limitless Life


This picture was taken in Miyajima, Japan – the ‘famous gateway’ that is pictured in so many brochures advertising Japan.  At the time of this picture, it was low tide, so we could walk up to the gate.  During high tide, it is not possible to walk up to it.  This reminds me of the ebb and flow of abundance and how this movement is so important for a balanced life.

Change your mindset today to boost your abundance balance tomorrow!

The one thing that puts human beings at the top of the food chain is the power of consciousness. This power helps us to judge, distinguish between good and bad, and gives us a sense of justice or fairness. Without an elevated consciousness, we are just as good as the other species of the animal kingdom, whose purpose for existence is simple – breathe, eat, excrete and reproduce.

As humans, if we also tend to just exist by carrying out only our physiological processes, then our life is as good as the monkeys swinging from one tree to the other or like the koalas which sleep almost eighteen hours a day.

Being born with consciousness, if we still lead an unconscious life and just sit and watch life go by, life will only happen to us. It will be dull, drab, and eventually become meaningless. Instead, we should take advantage of our lives.

If at old age, our life summary consists of only ‘might have’, ‘could have’ and ‘should have’, then what we led all these years will be a life without any cause. And a life without a cause is a life that has no effect.

What is abundance?

When we think about abundance, the first thing that comes to our mind is a luxurious lifestyle where everything is more than enough – be it money, be it happiness, or be it resources. Thinking about such a life does put a smile on everybody’s face but at the same time, almost immediately, the smile vanishes when we start thinking about how impossible it would be for us to have that similar abundant life.

If we know someone in our close circles who is super-rich, we immediately put the credit either on luck or their karmic cycle. In addition to this, the majority of us start thinking along the lines that it would be impossible for us to replicate that level of success (at least, materialistically) in our single lifetime.

What we don’t realize is that thinking in this specific mindset is bringing us more ‘bad luck’, so to speak, than the ‘good luck’ that the super-rich always seem to have on their side.

Abundance is a mind set

The truth is, no living being has complete monopoly on luck – it only flows to people who wish for it, who want it, and who desire it with a positive mindset.  People who always complain about luck, put much more importance on excuses and destiny, and have a ‘scarcity mindset’ of ‘having a lack of everything’ in their lives – luck always stays at an arm’s length for these people.

So, be it the abundance of happiness and joy, or the abundance of pleasure and plentiful, or the simple abundance of money – the key lies in having a positive mindset. In simple terms, manifesting money is about manifesting the right energy.

The two types of mindsets that we all human beings have are positive and negative. If the former attracts positivity and abundance, the latter attracts negativity and lack.

For example, if we think, “How are we going to go there?” – the question in our minds will inadvertently put all sorts of problems and hurdles that we are going to have on our way to the destination. On the other hand, if we put the same situation to our minds in the form of, “There are many ways to get there, however, all we need to do is think carefully!” – This mindset makes our brains focus on the solutions rather than pondering over the problems that we are going to encounter along the way.

The second situation already tells the brain that ‘we will go there’ instead of ‘there will be problems going there’. If the former situation fills our mind with clouds of doubt, the latter situation gives our minds the signs of hope, desire, and success. Therefore, it’s upon you, how you want your mind to be – doubtful or decisive!

Where our abundance mind set comes from

The same concept applies to money and abundance. If a child from his or her childhood days grow up listening to the beliefs of the elders as ‘Money cannot buy happiness!”, “Money corrupts!” , “Money is the root of all evil”, “We cannot become rich”, etc. no wonder the child will grow into an adult who has absolutely no negative connotations about money and thus, abundance.

On the other hand, if a child grows up listening to beliefs such as “You need to work hard to earn money”, “Money is everything”, “Money can buy all the happiness in the world”, “Become the richest man on earth”, etc. s/he will grow up into a human being who will be obsessed about earning each and every cent on this planet.

Neither of the mindsets are absolutely healthy to have, however, the problem with the first child is that from an early age, his or her mind was filled with negativity which gives the child the impression that life itself is limited. The child will develop the idea that his or her choices and desires are limited, their resources and opportunities are limited, and as a result, they will have to lead a life that lacks happiness and joy. The other child, on the other hand, will grow up thinking nothing is impossible and s/he can become the richest person on earth. This child will naturally gravitate towards abundance, however, maybe very obsessed with making money and measure his/her worth with a bank balance. If a child grows up with a balanced mindset – where s/he is brought up to believe that life is limitless and abundance is more than just money, will attract abundance in all areas of his/her life.  As a result, resources, opportunities, and luck is more likely to flow to the last child compared to the former who has already accepted his or her fate in terms of lack and scarcity.

Really?  It's all in my mind?

Whether you are a child or an adult, it’s all in your mind rather than your luck. If you ignore the goldmine (the positive mindset) that lies well within you, you can never get ahold of the worldly treasures that await each one of us.

In order to have an abundant life that is full of health, happiness, joy, purpose, and of course, wealth, you need to feel the love towards abundance or wealth. Instead of feeling the fear of losing money or lacking money, you need to get your inner energies attuned to the love of money. You need to stop chasing money with desperation and start attracting money with the right positive mindset.

The power of hypnosis

Hypnosis is a way of unlocking your positive mindset and removing all the negative shackles from your mind that tie you to negativity and scarcity. Hypnosis will help you realize that the world is full of resources for each of us. Instead of fighting and quarrelling with each other over a piece of pie, we can cook pies for every one of us.

This is what Hypnosis makes you realize. It clears the blocks of negativity in your subconscious mind and fills it with love for yourself and others. When you start loving yourself, looking at yourself with respect and dignity, you will realize that nothing is wrong with you and you can even be the most successful person on this planet. However, to achieve that, you don’t need to fight over resources with others – abundance is everywhere.

When you have a positive mindset, you will realize that collaboration is always better than the competition, possibilities exist even at the roughest of times, and moments are fun to live and laugh about. rather than constantly worrying about the future. The moment you make this shift in your mindset, you will realize that luck is shining its light again on you, success is following you, and you are getting empowered with abundance.

Hypnosis cannot make you a money magnet, however, it can drastically change your general approach in life – you become more positive and practical, rather than going into your shell all the time and blaming your fate for everything that happens to you.  


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