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Being Mindful of Our Food Choices in Today's World.

Throughout history, humankind has evolved enormously – evolved in its lifestyle, livelihood, technology, tools, and perspective in life. But the struggle of survival, as many would call it, has always been, and will always be; for food!

Since we have moved well ahead from our primitive existential needs, what we take in has also become a worldwide luxury in terms of options in flavor, taste, texture, color, aroma, and culinary cultures. 

At a time when we are spoilt for choices in what we are putting on our plate, we should be a little careful as our choice could lead to either eternal remedy or perpetual poisoning.

Now the comparison might seem a stretch, but at its core, it’s pretty simple.

In today’s world, which is driven at a fast pace towards materialistic achievement, economic dominance, and societal status, the only respite seems to lie in quick-fix solutions. And when it comes to food, it often results in junk, packaged, fast, fried, frozen, and all those categories that most of the world relies on to accommodate themselves, in this pacy life.

Frankly speaking, we shouldn’t be at all surprised by the data of more than 340 million adolescents, 650 million adults, and 39 million children worldwide, being suffering from obesity!

Healthy Survival in the Future.

The struggle for fossil fuel, technology, and space exploration was always there, but will not be eternal as they all have a finite capacity. Let’s say that after 5 billion years humanity still exists and we are blossoming on another energy medium and technology is rampant – no matter what we will be fighting for then or what battles had led us there, we have always and will always be in need for food to breathe on whatever planet we are.

So, it’s better if we become responsible with our food, which is basically our fuel until and unless we become capable of photosynthesis to survive healthily, without any chronic illness. But if we still neglect and turn our ‘fuel’ to ‘crude and unrefined oil’, with this worldwide obesity rate, and that too in an epidemic state in our young generation, even 1 million years will be a far-fetched theory for humanity’s healthy survival.

Well, the grim situation that lies with our choice of food could easily be solved with one key called ‘Nutrition.’ “Balanced Diet,” “Healthy Lifestyle,” “Stress-free Living,” and “A Good Night’s Sleep” – are some of the terms that are floated in the online world quite academically and with heavy chunks of information. But all these ingredients of “A Good Life” are essentially tied to one knot called ‘Nutrition.’

Be it your life or your food – if it’s well-nourished, you will live healthily, devoid of any self-inflicting ailments.

Understanding Calorie and Nutrient Requirements.

Now, the balance sheet of nutrition is more or less equivalent for both children and adults. If we have to break it down, an average person requires around 2,000 calories every day to maintain a balanced weight, depending on age, sex, height, and level of activity.

Children between 2 to 8 years who spend much of their time without any activity need around 1,000-1,400 calories and those who are active need between 1,300 to 2,000 calories. In general, it’s been observed that active adults of 30 years and above need around 2,000- 3,000 calories and sedentary adults of the same group need around 1,600-2,400 calories. The in-depth chart can be found here.

Also, it’s important that the calories we intake are not ‘empty’ without nutritious value. For example, if our main source of calories comes from foods like pastries, cakes, processed meat, sodas, pizzas, fries, sugar-added drinks, etc, it’s basically like we are living in a deliciously concocted slow death.

Calories should always come from foods that are rich in nutrients. Again, nutrients primarily depend on the source of ingredients and not the type of food we consume. For example, a pizza that is baked in your home with fresh ingredients, leafy vegetables, and a wholesome base, is much more healthy than the one we are served outdoors.

The key is to balance our diet with green leafy vegetables, natural juicy fruits, fresh unprocessed protein (meat, eggs, seafood, soya, nuts, beans, peas, seeds, etc), fat-free dairy, whole grains, and cholesterol-free oil. In addition to this, products and food items with saturated fats, added sugar, trans fat, and salt are a big No, No!

This blueprint is universal for nutrition intake but the factors are age and sex. Depending on these two factors the proportion for each item might vary but the master plan is always the same. Generally speaking, male children and adults need more calories each day compared to their female counterparts.

Food Awareness or Taking Into Account Food Awareness.

Now if children deviate from this route of nourishment and start dabbling in food habits that involve junk, packaged, processed, or fast food items, from a very early age, either it will lead to obesity or it will surely result in poor brain development and unhealthy mental outlook.

Similarly in the case of adults, a nutrition-deficient diet results in a number of ailments as without nutrition, our body becomes immune-compromised and weak from within. There are many studies today that directly link our bad food habits with stress, low productivity, lack of sleep, and even chaotic relationships.

Since we are not looking after our body in terms of the fuel we supply it with to function properly, all the physiological mechanics of our body that are fundamental for seamless day-to-day operation in our lives get affected massively – be it our professional or personal.

The irony is we never realize it and we go about our lives with a costly principle of ‘Eat whatever you like and whatever you feel!” But cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes, sadly are the ones that come as serious aftermaths of this lifestyle principle.

As discussed above, more than the food you eat, you should be careful about its source, the ingredients that go in, and whether it is completely fresh and free of any added packaging solutions or processing materials.

For the working class in the hustle and bustle of a busy day, it might be practically difficult to shift from a quick junk option to a more time taking healthy delicacy but in the long run, this lifestyle will catch up with you and cost you a lot of stress, anxiety, medicines, and health insurance bills.

Hypnosis can help you achieve a sustainable and balanced approach to food choices.

It’s all about striking a balance between what we like, what we need, what works for us, and how we can seamlessly integrate everything into our busy routine. This complicated jigsaw could simply be solved if we look at it closely through the lens of Hypnosis.

Hypnosis won’t cook you nutritious meals nor will it source the organic and pure ingredients for your dishes – it will work on how you can incorporate balance, health, and value in your life through the choices of your food.

With the help of Hypnosis, you will be able to see your daily life at a granular level. This will help you to make micro-adjustments to your lifestyle choices which will in turn lead to long-term sustainable planning.

If small adjustments are made to your daily routine, you may not rush for that extra five minutes at your breakfast time. Or else, how a little tweak at the busiest juncture of your daily professional life could free a chunk of your afternoon time; so that a wholesome nutritious salad can be enjoyed with colorful fresh fruits rather than opting for a packaged sandwich or burger.

Hypnosis will also not suggest you cut on everything and go vegan – it will only guide you according to your lifestyle on how certain food choices can ultimately be beneficial for you in the bigger picture.

So, it’s a holistic approach to your food habits and balanced nutrition intake when you take the help of the tool called Hypnosis. It will work on the optimum potential of your life without making it any less flavorless, colorless, or tasteless.

So, cut the insipidity in your life with a nutritious diet that is full of nourishment and the goodness of purity!



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