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  • Thank you so much!  Our meeting was life changing...I am very grateful....Anoup - Ottawa

  • What a great reading!  This will change my life...Ottawa

  •  Thank you so much for the insightful and thought-provoking session! You spoke to my heart - I am deeply grateful for the experience.  - Christy L, Ottawa

  • This was a great experience and awakening.  It was a pleasure and honour to have met you....Ottawa

  • Thank you for your  wisdom and guidance.  Sometimes we need words from a stranger to show us what we didn't want to see ourselves.  Blessings and Love...Tanya, Ottawa

  • Thank you for the reading and wisdom.  Thank you  for  speaking to my heart....A. Ottawa

  • ...This type of parenting course is for someone with an open mind and a willingness for self-discovery. I am not the most flexible person in the world, but having taken the course I feel like it is easier for me to cope with change and the unknown. I would recommend this course to others who would like to improve their relationships with their children.    - Aimee in Tokyo, Japan

  •   Sainoor has a real gift for caring and for coaching a person towards positive and compassionate self-care.   ...  Her coaching for weight loss is not about deprivation and misery - she teaches us to embrace life, be patient and transform our relationship with food and transform our health. She has a talent for teaching skills to individuals like myself for positive transformation and I am extremely lucky to have found someone like her to direct and support me.  -  J.J in Kitchener, ON 

  • ...  I am living in Victoria, BC now and you were the start of my living this dream.  ... I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for the role you have played getting me to the place I am at now in mind, body & soul. ...  L.M. in Victoria, BC 

  •  Since leaving your office yesterday afternoon, I have not experienced any feelings of shakiness that have been plaguing me for the past two years. I am not questioning just accepting. I wanted you to know how awesome it feels. Thank you again, and see you next week.  -   R.S. in Waterloo, ON 

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