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Dispelling the Myth of Hypnosis

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Reality of Hypnosis



Trained  hypnotists help ordinary people with everyday problems.  Hypnosis can  be used for:

  •  anxiety 
  • insomnia 
  • to stop smoking
  • lose weight 
  • fears (for example, public speaking)
  • or anything you would like to change to make your life better....



 Hypnonutrition - combination of nutrition backed with the power of hypnosis to help empower the change

  • helps you strengthen the willpower to get the results you want
  • losing weight with smart nutrition plans backed by the power of hypnosis
  • change your eating patterns fast and effortlessly with hypnosis added to your nutritional consultation.

Work at your own pace with a program tailored to your needs.


Akashic Records


The Higher Self holds information about your past,  present and future experiences. This information is considered a  "Spiritual Record" of the Soul's journey, as well as the learning  opportunities to come. This recorded information is held in what is  known as the "Book of Life”, also referred to as ‘Akashic Records’.

With  your permission I am able to access your Records to obtain answers to  questions you may have regarding the journey of your life. You may ask  any questions that will assist you to lead a better life. 

Please remember that all information and healing presented is to assist you with your own current awareness and focus.


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