Energy in Motion - Life is Energy in Motion




This picture was taken from my hotel room when I went to Niagara Falls, Canada recently.  It felt magical, peaceful and powerful, all at the same time.  This got me thinking about energy, how important it is that it flows and moves, and what happens when it doesn’t. 

When life / energy feels stuck

Whether we are living a life that bears little or no resemblance to the one we imagined, or we have fallen short of our goals, or have endured a painful breakup or suffered a big blow to our self-esteem – life can really be unfair sometimes.

At some point, we all discover that life is not always a joyful ride and before we stop to realize this, life may again drag us down from its sunny sides with more setbacks and failures.

This fundamentally happens because, under the wrath of life, we start acting as victims rather than players. When the going gets rough, we choose the easy way out in blaming somebody or a particular set of circumstances and before we realize it, our excuses rain down like a hailstorm and we start spiraling down our past which initially brought us to this present moment of fear and suffering.

What is energy?

In our school days, most of us came across the terms Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy in our science textbooks. Back then we didn’t fully comprehend how meaningful these two forms of energy can be outside of the physics books. Even growing older and presumably wiser, we still fail to fully understand the meaning of these two energies and how important they are in our day-to-day lives.

We all have got a sense regarding our potential - either as our capabilities and talents or as inabilities and limitations. It is the stored energy within us and how we use it entirely rests with us. In simple terms, kinetic energy is that form of energy that a moving object has or rather the energy which an object utilizes for its motion. Potential energy is the energy held by an object (ready to do work).  The funny part is - both potential and kinetic energy can transform into each other and as adults, we have completely discarded this fun part.

When we realize our true potential, we can move towards our goals and when we move towards our goals, we actually get a real sense of our potential and what we can do to arrive at our desired destination.  In other words, we release the energy being held and allow its motion to move our life forward.

The benefits of life in motion

It is important that we move forward in life because if we think about it, we can’t actually be stuck at any point in time in our lives. Change is always happening and life is always moving on. Time is going by each millisecond with which, precious moments of our lives are also passing by. We must evolve with time. When we stop clinging on to our past by all means and start moving forward in life, we embrace change and our way of life synchronizes to the natural flow of life that never stays stuck to one particular moment and is always in motion.

Moving forward with our potential does not mean we have to be afraid of failing or be scared of making the same mistakes that we have committed in the past. What moving forward actually means, is accepting the fact, that we will make mistakes and we will fail again; however, that will not stop us from trying wholeheartedly and giving our one hundred percent each and every time. It is about accepting what “it is”, and letting go of “what was”. It is not holding to what might have been but looking at what can be.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, therefore, is a steady process that need not be rushed but nurtured.

When we move forward, we become more productive as we start to think of our own good and what is more meaningful to us. Rather than brooding over our past, we become more reactive to our present. We start noticing the small positive changes in our own lifestyle.

If we can empower ourselves with a simple thought that we should always try to see things as they are, rather than the way we think they should be, we will start moving in the right direction where change awaits for us.

Instead of waiting for the outer world to change ideally for us, waiting for someone to find us and help us out of the blue funk, we should start looking for the parts of ourselves that hide deep within us. This is where change lies.

Instead of wearing ourselves down with WHYs, WHATs and HOWs, if we give our potential a simple nudge, answers will be there in front of us rather than the labyrinth of questions.

Until and unless we move from inside, the changing life around us will do its best to keep us stuck to our fearful minds. So, renew yourself, replenish yourself with fresh energies and release yourself to life, to change.


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Sainoor Premji
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