A choice is nothing but a bridge between the old and the new


The picture on the left is taken in the Azores, Portugal and the one on the right is taken in Myanmar - I love how they both signify movement from one state to another 

A choice is nothing but a bridge between the old and the new. If we observe closely with an introspective perspective, our life as we know it—in which we are born as humans, dwell in our societies, dabble in complex relationships, and die as commons—fundamentally consists of three elements.

The Power of Choice

No matter what we do to survive today in this world or how we handle our everyday emotions, it is a simple nexus of these three elements which are – scenario, circumstance, and choice! Whether you are a young parent, a start-up owner, an aspiring business leader, a breakthrough artist at heart, or everything – you are where you are now because there was a specific scenario, in which some circumstances compelled you to make a certain choice. 

The Weight of Our Decisions

So, we are the writers of our own stories, we ourselves chose to be with the characters that exist today in our lives, and yet when the act doesn’t play out according to our assumptions, we complain, we frown, we cry foul, and take pity on our fate. We suffer, sometimes to the extent of unbearable pressure and pain, yet we lack the courage to cut the ties that pull us down. And when this courageous call seems imminent, we fall prey to the commitments we have put in all these years to be here, the sacrifices we made, the doubts that might creep into people we know personally and professionally, and a million other questions.

The days go by, and we suffer by the sunrise and beyond the sunset! If we do not like our day-to-day jobs, our relationships don’t seem meaningful, or the consequences of being a young parent shuffling work and children feel burdensome, we always need to remember that we are just a ‘choice’ away.

And by ‘choice,’ one shouldn’t misunderstand it as a breakaway tool—rather, it is a powerful catalyst formed out of consideration and conversation—a consideration of your reality and a conversation with yourself!

Our scenarios could be different, and circumstances could be difficult, but the only thing over which we have complete control is our ‘choice.’ So, we need to make the most of it consciously and courageously.

Embracing Change

It’s not when you quit something or come out of a particular scenario that is not working for you that everything comes to a standstill; another course of life simply takes over. The direction changes, and if you are committed to what you chose and why you chose, you get to enjoy the true spirit of life, imbibing yourself in its new and exciting adventures, but on your own terms and conditions.

And if this decision doesn’t work out, by then, you will already be rich in experience and the endurance that comes with living your life on your own will! No choice is good or bad until you act on it sincerely, rationally, and ultimately live through it sometimes to realize whether it was good or bad. But you should always have the wisdom, foresight, and grit to quit.

Now, the question arises — what for young professionals, teens, and parents? Put bluntly, is it so easy to be philosophical and take an escape from one’s reality?

Honest Conversations

Here comes conversations with yourself that are honest, deep, clear, and clean! It’s you who knows you inside out; you know your strengths and weaknesses, your domination and vulnerabilities, your emotions and guilts, your sacrifices and persuasions, and your feelings and their projections.

The questions that you will ask yourself will give answers to secrets like your truths, your beliefs, your desires, what might be empty, and what feels like warmth to the soul.

When you have a clear picture of yourself, the choices you make will never be difficult but blissfully beneficial, no matter the situation or the circumstance. When you evaluate the pros and cons of a scenario on the weighing scale of reality and look at it from the lens of an outsider, you can clearly see the flaws as well as the positives in your life and your thought process.

For instance, if you always wanted to be an astronaut, an explorer, a sportsman, a CEO, a business tycoon, an artist, a great companion, a cool and supportive parent, or anything under the sun – when you actually get into the field, you might realize that the name of the destination you wanted to reach is much easier to spell than to arrive at.

The Realities of Different Paths

In the case of astronauts, doctors, scientists, and engineers, perhaps the extensive science lessons with numbers and figures are taking a toll on you; with the spick and span lifestyle of CEOs, leaders, and business owners comes the daily hectic schedule of meetings, travels, emails, and this might not appear to be too shining for your work-life balance; as an established sports star, the adulation is always great but putting the hard yards at training might not be your waking call every morning; for explorers and artists perhaps lonely nights in the woods get you shaky or the lack of true inspiration in today’s world of AI artistry might be stressful; or the playful days of childhood are built on hard work, time, and consistent effort from the parents at various levels could be a sense that you have had lately – and all of these are just as fine and normal as different streams of rivers reaching the sea.

When you own up to yourself, you show tremendous courage to confront your weaknesses, and this clarity is essential as it will be the fuel for your new journey.

Beyond Obstacles

The moment you realize, you start looking beyond obstacles and stop fearing the unknown. It might push you out of your comfort but this realization is the route to make a choice.

Ultimately, when the debate hinges on whether to stay stuck in your comfort zone and fight the everyday battles of stress, disappointments, and burnout from huge expectations or be brave enough to step out of it and be at peace, the choice should be quite obvious!

When you can listen to the symphony of sweet music and enjoy the rhythm of life, why be comfortably idle and dead sitting in a silent room?

And in every sphere of life, what matters to you the most should always lead the conversations; in terms of your relationships, your professional space, and your emotional well-being.

Hypnosis as a Gateway

This is where Hypnosis can be your key to unlocking the true potential of your choices by empowering you to make them sensibly, wisely, honestly, and truthfully. Hypnosis can be a gateway to your true self, where there is no inhibition, restraint, or false appearances; but a safe place that is conducive to meaningful conversations with yourself. It can help you discover numerous solutions by germinating the shoots of fruitful transformation that are deep-seeded in your thinking. 

Through Hypnosis, you can learn to let go without pain, suffering, or dreadful consequences. This happens not out of sheer miracles or magic but with the simple knowledge of one’s desires, wants, needs, and dreams. Hypnosis only illuminates these pathways with the light within you.

Lightening Your Load

The baggage of things that you are carrying that you think cannot be dropped; Hypnosis will gently take the load off your shoulders by pointing you at ways that keep calling for you. Hypnosis can clear the clutter in your head and make room for new things that truly define you. With a decluttered mind, you will have the crystal clear vision of a skier who only sees the gaps and not the pines on the track, which are the obstacles.

When you participate in a conversation with yourself, you get to infuse your mind with impartial thoughts that are both critical and supportive of you. On one side, you stand with all your convictions that how can you be wrong and be at fault when you have worked all these years rationally to be here, which is where you wanted to be all this while, and on the other side stands your dispassionate mind who objectively looks to maximize your future opportunities.

Hypnosis can help you reach this state of inner conversations by eliminating your ego and making you simply understand that more than leaving, quitting is all about embracing the new, under the influence of positivity.

Research Insight

According to a research paper in psychology, winners, global leaders, and successful people are not afraid to quit as they do not base their judgments on history but only take into account the assessment of future utility. On the other hand, when people assess everything from their past tolerance and risks, they get stuck in the loophole of wrong decisions and depression.

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows – Ralph Marston

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