Small Changes

By Sainoor Premji

Sometimes the smallest decision can change your life forever. … The tyranny of small decisions, someone once called it.…  author:  J. Finder, ‘Suspicion’

     The neuroscience behind cravings suggest that addiction may be more about faulty decision-making brain systems than an actual  “brain disease” based on addiction to a drug.   Christopher Bergland,  Psychology Today

   In the last post, I discussed how sugar can be addictive and how it is found in everything.  For example, cigarettes and alcohol contain sugar, as well as, other addictive ingredients.  

  If addiction is based on faulty decision-making, then changing this, is, in your control.  What if you could change this part of your brain to make better decisions for you?  After all, if you are able to make one decision to do something that may not have been the best for your health, then you can also make the decision to change that.

   Try this experiment:  Take a piece of paper (about a quarter page size).  Draw a big X  on it (to fill the page).  Now hold it  right next to your nose, how much of it can you see?  Now keep moving it away from you until you can see the whole X.  

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that     created it.  – Albert Einstein

   Why not look at decision making as something that will take you out of  where you are, to a different place?  A place that offers you a better view of the whole issue.  If the outcome is not what you expected, at least you know and can change the situation.  Unless movement occurs,     change cannot take place.  If change does not take place, then how are you going to move to a better place in your life?  After all, this journey in life continues to present us with learning lessons so that we can become better versions of ourselves.

  Make a commitment to take the decision to make small changes at a time and see the big difference it makes.  What are you waiting for?  If not now, then when?

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